Optimism – Blog No. 46



It is helpful to look on the brighter side of life, particularly at those times when there is little light to see by. Positivity is a valuable asset in the dark. In fact it is priceless, at all times. Without foresight it is not a simple business, being optimistic. You need to be able to envision the best outcome, every time. That involves interpreting the big picture. Not translating it, or explaining it away.


There is always time to hope for the best to happen. It costs nothing, that kind of positivity. It does mean heartache, that is inevitable in a world where appalling things happen uninterrupted all day, everyday. An open heart is susceptible to aching. When you want the best for everything that is deserving of it – and again, deserving being a big word – it is a challenge to accept that in this life we do not all necessarily get what we want.


There is no such thing as being too optimistic. We are all highly evolved creatures, we can see beyond the daily dire and dismal to where this world really is a better place for all that have a vested interest in its wellbeing. Fortunately there are still many optimists all over the globe practicing their positive influence on people and their purpose – and for them, we should all be grateful. Without their foresight this planet would not be where it is going.


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Happiness – Blog No. 45


What makes you happiest? When you know that, you know a lot. It is not a simple process, discovering what gives you the most pleasure in life. Sex, naturally, gives a lot of people a lot of pleasure in life, but despite plentiful evidence to the contrary, that is not the only measure of pleasure in 2014.

This planet should be a source of enormous pleasure for a great many, but it isn’t. Its mere actuality should fill billions of people with happiness, but it doesn’t. Whether that is because people no longer bother to stop and smell the roses, I don’t know, but I am sure that has a great deal to do with it. It is not only that money smells a lot sweeter to a lot of people than roses do, it is simply that too many people don’t understand – perhaps have never understood – that this planet upon which they live, this planet inundated with spectacular life forms and feats of Nature, this Earth of extraordinary diversity, this place of constant change and growth in motion, is what Eden was ever all about. The humans have had paradise from its inception and alarmingly, they still expect something other than this. Something better. They need to understand that that is not going to happen. Prototype Eden gets totally destroyed by man – and reality stipulates that there is no alternative.

There is always that saying about chasing happiness – that the chase is pointless.  That the search is in earnest.  It is a valid point of view, but there is also that saying about being sure that you are not trying to run before you can walk, about not trying to fly from a sitting down position, for instance. I would suggest that you try flying from lying down – even before you can walk – and then you can worry about running in another lifetime. There are many for whom that other lifetime is coming.

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Lies – Blog No. 44



We have all used them. We have all needed them, it would seem, to survive. This world is made that way. People have been lying to save their skins since time immemorial. I suppose if you lie to save your life you can always hope that it was worth it. Your life, that is.


It is said that people lie out loud, on average, four times every twenty-four hours. I doubt whether that includes the myriad lies people tell themselves all day long – those need counting as well. It would appear that a lot of people feel far safer behind a wall of lies than they do out in the wide open, where reality is happening. That is a pity. A wall of lies is hardly a stronghold. It can be knocked down with one – or two – simple truths. The truth, as simple as it is, is where the ultimate power lies. Everybody knows that.


Lies destroy. They build, yes – bullshit castles in the sky – but their real purpose is to destroy. That is unfortunate when you consider what lies are actually destroying. It is no good thing when the voice of reason we have been conditioned to hear does not speak to us honestly. Reason in itself has always been problem enough, but at least when it was decided that reason was going to ‘lead’ the way, the age-old deciders should have ensured that reason was truth. Unfortunately, lying for a living bent reason sideways and it has never straightened itself out.



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Depression – Blog No. 43


I suspect that three-quarters of this planet is currently suffering from one kind of a depression or another. Historically, depression has been either ignored or stigmatised. Its prevalence was grossly underestimated and its shattering effects widely misunderstood. Fortunately, that was then. This is now. It is clearer than ever in this day and age that depression is real – it decimates individuals and families. It is an indiscriminate killer.


Depression is excruciating to experience and soul-destroying to witness firsthand. It does not lend itself to explanation – the reasons for entering into a depression are too numerous to document even if there was all the time in the world. Each depressive has a reason for their pain that is literally inexplicable to the outside world. You need to feel it for yourself to know it. And when you do know it, you will then understand its power.


There are few depressives that would choose to be in the position they find themselves. If you cannot empathise with a depressed person, then at least show compassion for their circumstance. It is quite likely that there are truths and wars raging within them that you know nothing about. It is quite likely that there are moments in each of their days – possibly their everyday – when they think that death would be preferable to life. That does not mean every depressive is a suicide risk, but it does mean that there are plenty of deathwishers contributing to the collective mindset. Remember – thinking makes it so.



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Moons – Blog No. 42


Waxing and waning.  Ebbing and flowing.  These are the tunes of a moon.  Part of a moon’s mystery.  If moons could speak can you imagine what they would say?  They would have a lot to say, that is for certain.  I believe that translating the moon’s illumination would yield a truth rich in emphasis and understatement.  Moons are humble with their majesty.

Is a moon male, or female?  There is the man on the moon, his testimony.  Testimony from a man is very different to testimony from a woman.  This is something that should always be remembered.  Perhaps the energy field that suspends a moon in orbit is female.  Perhaps the essence of a moon is female.  It does matter.

A new moon.  A full moon.  Howling wolves silhouetted on hilltops.  Feeding vampires caught neckside by moonbeams.  Angels riding the high tide.  Demons sleeping, deep.  Our moon has many friends in this world.  Many admirers.  It has always been this way.  A moon inspires awe in the right people.  The right people know who they are; and they are lucky.

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Shooting stars – Blog No. 41


Shooting stars involves taking aim. Taking aim involves skill, concentration. You do not want to miss. Shooting stars everywhere are evocative of ever, forever. Infinity. They burn fast, and bright – and out. The way it should be.

A lot of wishes are sent upon shooting stars, theirs’ is a special role in the universe. There are many, many, millions of shooting stars sparking, arcing, dying – only to come alive again in some other night sky to deliver home those wishes which are made with a pure heart. These are the only wishes that will ever manifest, real.

Shooting stars do not arrive when you decide that it’s time. They arrive when they are primed and ready to fly. When their timing is perfect. Should you be searching the skies with your eyes and you happen to witness a shooting star’s passage through time, know that you have been included in a moment of magic. Pure magic.

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Tampering – Blog No. 40


Is it necessary for scientists to generate a 3-parent child?  Like is it necessary to generate a bunny that glows in the dark?  I wonder.  I can see how tempting it is to tamper with natural processes, how invaluable such enterprise can occasionally be, but perhaps it is best to say that certain things – like procreation – really should be left to itself.

Tampering with Nature has widespread implications.  Genetically modifying anything is a risky business.  What if what you generate a mutant that needs putting down because it turns out to be dangerous?  What are the ethics there?  Natural selection is not a waste of time.  It is not a process that mankind can improve upon.  Keep that in mind. 

Tampering is usually the result of impatience.  Historically, mankind has been impatient to know the ins and outs of absolutely everything.  Curiosity is a huge advantage.  Impatience is not.  There is no need to second-guess Nature, or chase her up.  Everything happens exactly when it should.  If you will stick your fingers in pies that are still cooking, you will burn.  It’s simple. 


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