Love Letters

African Moon



If my heart was a mosaic of today’s predominant sentiments

it would be a mosaic of pain. Patchworked pain.

That does not detract from its beauty. In fact, it adds to it.

It would be a deep red colour, tinged with shadows and shine.

Like a polished blood diamond.

If my heart was a stained glass window in a cathedral

it would depict an array of multicoloured saints carrying Jesus on their shoulders.

Not unlike a casket. Or a hero.

It would have the backdrop of the sunrise behind an apple tree.

That sunrise symbolises freedom.

If my heart was a pure reflection of humanity, humankindness,

it would be a hall of mirrors, not seven years’ bad luck.

Mirror halls will distort your features, but that is not a problem.

The problem is when looking-glasses lie.

That is when they shatter.

What my heart is, it is. At times it has an elastic capacity.

At others it doesn’t.

A full heart beats steadily, slowly, in no rush to rush anyone in Love.

Love’s lore is not unlike that of the ocean.

i.e. it is a secret.

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Love Letters

Red Roses



The quivering of sleek feathers, raven wings unfolding.

Shadows playing catch.

A virgin fire, alight.

Darkness swallows her gasps, massages her heart.

A golden phoenix rises from her flames.

The birth of that moment brings with it new life.

Love germinates, visible in the virgin’s eyes.

The raven has the grace of an angel, the cunning of Capone.

A proclivity for the forbidden.

The virgin is attracted to that.

A virgin and a phoenix share the rise and fall of flight.

They share, too, a totem. That of passion.

A virgin’s passion is her learning.

A phoenix’ passion is her surrender to his lessons.

A golden raven works in the same way.

Where there are fires and virgins and golden sunbirds, there is candle wax, ash.

There is ceremony; ritual. Devotion.

An ambient calm, and trust. Lust.

A phoenix cannot rise without a fire.

A virgin cannot either.

The stroke of a wingtip on bare skin can render a virgin senseless.

A writhing virgin can do the same to a raven.

A phoenix is freed by extreme heat. Plumes of smoke. Smears of ash.

A virgin is freed when the timing is right.

The phoenix rises, carrying her in his talons.

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Open house – Blog No. 9


Open house means anyone can enter the premises.  The best kind of premises to let anyone enter are empty ones.  That way, nothing can go missing, or get damaged.  The other advantage to throwing open empty premises is that when the space becomes occupied it is clear to see who it is that you have inside.  That kind of absolute clarity is helpful when you need to identify arseholes and bounce them out.

It is possible to keep your house closed.  That is simply a choice that needs making.  Keeping your doors locked is guaranteed to keep undesirables from frequenting the premises, but at times it makes more sense to let them enter to find out what exactly their business is.  If they have legitimate business in your house they will be able to prove that to you should you ask.  And if it were me – and my house – I would always ask.  If they cannot give you good enough reason for their presence then they are trespassing and it will be necessary to bounce them out.

‘Open Sesame’ is one of many incantations, others being such as ‘Sim Salabim’ and perhaps even the time-trialled ‘Africadabra’.  That one is perhaps my favourite of all magic words.  All magic words open houses.  It is important to know what words open which houses and whether it is a wise idea to utter them without thinking.  If it were me – and my utterances – I would always think first.  If you speak out of turn, your own house might burn down.

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Prioritising – Blog No. 8


Should you find yourself unable to prioritise one objective over another at this moment it is not the end of the world. Figuratively it could be a train-smash, but that is another story entirely.  Depression is one thing that has an impact on a person’s ability to prioritise.  It enables them to manage life in a different way by allowing time to address smaller issues that otherwise may have gone unnoticed or been left unattended.  This might occasionally mean that the choices made by a depressive are not easy to comprehend.  It is vital to know what is most important to some depressives if you would understand their motivation in life, their actions.  And it helps to know that actions and words in this context have equal standing.

Managingone’s priorities can be a taxing process.  It depends how many priorities you have.  If you should find yourself with a few, it is often simpler to address them in slow-release motion.  Like the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  There is a way to decide which part of the elephant to start with and there is a way to choose which priorities are most pressing.  It is called triage.  Once you become an expert at assessing which priorities to prioritise first, you will be able to spell the word ‘triage’.

I would suggest that every person’s first priority in these fractured times should be improving.  Improve yourself, improve others, improve anyone you meet when given the chance.  You will know if you have been given a chance when you meet the eyes of the people you may encounter.  They will either open their hearts to you or they won’t.  That is their choice.  Mr Gandhi once said something akin to:  ‘If you do not see God in the eyes of the next person you meet, do not look any further.’

Now that I understand his words, I would perhaps add to them.  That is no blasphemy.  It is proactive thinking.  You do not need permission to think in a proactive fashion.  I would add:  ‘… – unless you can read minds.  If you can do that then keep looking.’

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A Natural State of Being – Blog No. 7

beautiful Nature

Your natural state is your natural state.  It cannot be the state of another, no matter how hard they might try.  That is the first piece of good news.  The fact that there is a piece of good news is reason for celebration because it means on some levels the bad news is over.  On those levels they choose to receive the negatives first and save the positives – the best – for last.  I am not sure what news is coming for the levels that chose to take the best first.

Your natural state of being cannot be manipulated.  It is perhaps malleable, in some aspects, but it cannot be ‘shaped’.  In fact, the more you attempt to bend a natural state into itself in order to use it to open doors that are not yours, the more likely you are to get struck by lightning.  That would make coercion, manipulation, pointless.  Of course doors will open for the ‘adjusted natural state’ but they will not be doors that I would choose to go through.

Fear is a natural state of being for some.  Happiness is a natural state for others.  Again – these are choices, made.  Like the choice to be aware of your every gesture, word – and patterns of thinking.  There is not only one state of being.  There are many.  The ability to move seamlessly from one state to another is an art worth learning.  Any art worth learning does not take one minute.  It takes virtually forever.

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Hypocrites – Blog No. 6


That does not say Hippocrates.  His oath was something different entirely.  Hypocrites are interesting, but less interesting than say, liars.  A hypocrite is like a liar, but different in the worst possible way.  Hypocrites are easier to spot than liars because their hypocrisy is visible in their actions, not in the words they use.  So:  you can see a hypocrite from across the room, you do not even need to get close enough to hear them speak.

Hypocrites tend towards self-righteousness.  The problem is, with them, that they say one thing and do another while they imagine no-one is looking.  That in itself is perhaps excusable, but the fact that they subsequently try to hide the reality of their actions from themselves when confronted by their shadows demonstrates an inherent weakness of character in every single hypocrite.  That is not a character-assassination of a type of person, that is a fact.

I am fairly certain that when the bullshit castles fall from the sky there will be some tension in The Houses of Hypocrites.  The unfortunate thing for those living in bullshit castles is that their foundations are weak.  Not the castles’ foundations, their foundations.  When faced with the reality of this tragedy you will notice the hypocrites start squeaking.  That is when to smile, for that is when they realise that their destructive criticism is what has pulled their sky-castles down.  That is also when to deflect their energies, and reform their deformed idea of a social ideal.

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Good and Evil – Blog No. 5


The estimate is that 5% of the world’s population is evil.  Another 5% of it is saintly.  That is equilibrium.  The rest is a mixture of good and bad.  Good far outweighs bad on this planet.  Therefore:  Good and Evil are an effective collaboration when it comes down to balancing the scales.  In every good person there is the potential for saintly behaviour and the ability to realise this is the only obstacle to actually realising it.

The reverse of evil is live.  That is what life is for.  The ability to realise this is the only hindrance to actually realising it.  It does not matter what the reverse of good is because good never goes backwards.  Good goes better, and then best.

It would make sense – for the maintenance of equilibrium – to address the issues of evil with as much enthusiasm as is allocated to the assessment and assimilation of all the aspects of good.  The problem with unaddressed issues is that they fester.  Unless you are equipped to manage them with sensitivity – objectively – from a distance, in which case they can be quickly assimilated and used to further your understanding of yourself as an entirety.

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