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speak_your_mind_bigThere isn’t time to be misunderstood in this world.  There really isn’t.  Given that time is at a premium for most people it would make sense that when you do communicate you are direct and clear.  That way, when people lend you their ears they will be pleasantly surprised to find that what you have to say is relevant.  Do not speak for the sake of speaking.  There is no greater noise on this planet than senseless words.  Speak because you have something to share, something to ask, or something constructive to say.  It is easier said than done, but keep your empty words to yourself.  Your voice – particularly when it is whining about life – does not reach the ears of the gods.  They hear a different tone.  If the gods do not wish to hear your whining, then it is safe to say that no human being wishes to hear your whining, either.  It is hard some days not to whine.  Understandably.  But your words are so tiring when you drag that feeling of defeat into your every conversation.

Take control of what you tell people.  Moderate your own comments before you make them.  People do not need to know your every negative thought, know that.  There are too many people talking noisily about nothing in this world.  There are too many people following roads that go nowhere, giving a running commentary on their travelling experience.  The true journey only begins when your feet find the right road.  That is when you touch base with something sacred and your commentary becomes relevant.  You will hear yourself clearly when your say-so is from your heart.  Others will hear you clearly, too.  Understand that until the moment – the psychological moment – that your commentary becomes relevant to you, you are confined to the corners of your life.  Speaking from your own periphery is pointless.  Speak directly to – and from – your core.  Realise that sometimes you may surprise yourself with the things you say.  Get used to being forthright, but practice not speaking your every thought.  You are asking someone else to listen when you open your mouth.  That is the way of humans.  Make sure when you ask someone to listen to you, you have something to contribute to their day.  That is the first thing.  Out of respect, do not waste another’s time by whining in their ears.  That makes two of you tired and contributes nothing to either of your lives.  Speak to be understood.  To do that – understand yourself.  Observe yourself without judging your behaviours.  That will bring you a new understanding and a new wisdom that you will find it relevant to share.  Watch yourself change, evolve.  Give yourself permission to grow.  You will find that you do.


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  1. Capitalism will be bankrupted by the distrust, said Bright Quang

  2. Distort Justice is national traitor, said Bright Quang

  3. Dear Sir:
    By the way, our all of Vietnamese Americans refugees and the American people are memorizing for April 30, 1975 to April 30, 2015, as you remind us to evaluate for the American Constitution, in my opinion that the American Constitution is perfectly declaring for the Democracy, Freedom and justice, so we, the humanity, do not only highly adore the American Constitution but also respect to Super America than others emperor. However, we would like to say that’s Rather see is good than hear.
    First, we have understood about the Vietnam War since the American Congress of both houses has approved the war bill with one hundred percentages in the Congressmen and the High House has the Eighty-eight percentages. For example, the president Nixon has declared the bill of war power of the Vietnam War, in fact, “What was the War Powers Resolution of 1973?”
    Second, we, the Vietnamese American refugees of the War Power, have been understood about the Vietnam events through China Emperors, French emperor, and American emperor when the Vietnamese people are weak and undeveloped more than these emperors.
    Third, the Chinese Emperors have been invaded Vietnam for one thousand years in the past, but they could not maltreat to their Vietnamese paid soldiers. Next, the French emperor had invaded Vietnam for one hundred years in the past when the French emperor has signed agreement in Geneva in 1954, but it could not maltreat to its Vietnamese paid soldiers. Moreover, the American emperor has invaded Vietnam for nearby the forty years when the America has signed the treaty in Paris for peace Vietnam.
    Finally, the America government has forgot its treaty and Constitution for the Vietnam War when the United States of America has sold of its Vietnamese paid soldiers to the American enemy and played hands-off policy.
    Ironically, when the Constitution has hired the Vietnamese paid soldiers easily and sold off them too. Significantly, the United States of America does not only maltreat its friendships but also run off its imprisoned Benefit Insurance since the American congress had approved the bills for the Vietnam War. Moreover, when the Vietnamese paid soldiers are human who are the same as the American human? The Vietnamese paid soldiers have felt happy or hurtful, they have investing for the rich or feeling unlucky.
    And why did the United States of America has taken over of their rights?
    For example, the Kissinger has declared, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.” When he is living the United States of America, drinking some of cups of whisky wine, eating few hotdogs and sandwich cake, he is happy to enjoy so much Vietnamese paid soldier that they are revenged by the Vietnamese communist regime. Their properties and their families were destroyed by the American policy. The Vietnam War of the United States of America has been killed for nearby three millions of Vietnamese people and nearby the four hundreds thousand Vietnamese officers when the United States of America has donated to the Vietnamese communists.
    All of the Vietnamese paid soldiers live in the United States, they are to American citizens, but the American benefits have never offered to them. For example, the American healthcare and Imprisoned Benefit Insurance too, since the American Congress had approved the bills of the Vietnam War in the past.
    Memorizing April 30, 1975 to April 30, 2015

  4. Bright Quang said:
    What can he do for his United States Bill of Rights, Declaration of Rights of California Constitution and International treaties — Universal Declaration of Human Rights to approve him execute of his value sublime of democracy, freedom and justice to the reasons why is because of his civil rights seem no protective to his clear spirit value matter to lose let him seek protectiveness who has an effectual awareness of the matter for carrying out since of his patriot’s affidavit loyalty under the United States Flag?

  5. Bright Quang said, “Justice is the great sublime that is highest expressed dignity by the United States Constitution.”

  6. Holy light of heart symbolizes for faithful love.

  7. Book is a master key opening the humanity treasure.

  8. The Duty and the Responsibility of the American Police

    First, Perform justice, which is peaceful, but anti-justice as demagogy.
    Second, according to police, they do not only perform the American laws in order to protect the happy American people but also do safekeeping society of the United States, but not do judge in order to freely kill any innocent citizens.
    Third, if American citizens have violated to the American laws, the duty and the responsibility of police, by any means, must be arrested the crime to transfer to the courts that must be judged him or her. Moreover, police cannot sit on American Constitution when police think their people to look like enemy in the battlefields. That the police should be expressed courteously by the American civilization nation.
    Third, if we, the American people, would like to praise for one way of our civilization nation, we do think all of things in our nation to be perfect logic. If our American prism is very clearly without color, our American nation should be reforming more things that should be standard matched to a civilization America because our American laws that says this side, but does other sides when we are proud of a super America and then we have been trampling down the more human dignity as like my mental case that the American powerful has put a label of a mental case on my head in order to be mudslinging to destroy my life because the story saying, “Home truths are hard to swallow.” For I have been petition for courts systems, but there seem not concern to any American citizens to be honest as like me because I am a weak man as like a small insect, and the American powerful has been trampling down me. Thus, the Vietnamese race is less than the African Americans, so my voice looks like ” A cry in the desert.”
    Our super America is very proud to be demagogic when it has said, “might is right.”

  9. Dear everyone:
    Bright Quang, he is a Vietnamese American sculptor, specialist painter, poet and writer. So his prism is without color because he is respectful to the good, the true and the beautiful. Therefore, his life has never lie, not be greed and not do harm to everyone because he always admires believe to the America Constitution.

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  11. comment of Bright Quang
    In my opinion that our President Obama is the best one because he has exactly realizing to our nation when we have been building so many disorder in the world, but the outcome of us could not achieve in all of invasion wars. Our modern age will not need any invasion wars, but we should conquer all of the hearts of human beings. When we have occupied all of the hearts of the people, we have increased our justice to spread everywhere. we, the American people and American government, could not take life of human beings let’s build the war game

  12. The Justice of the powerful is not belonged by the weak and the poor, Bright Quang said.

  13. Fair Laws

    If a democratic nation should be had fair laws, the nation is peaceful more than the chaos because the government ought to respect its people.

    If a nation has been creating more bad laws, it ought to use the unfair laws let’s oppress its people, so this nation seems to be demagogic. The laws of nation should be educated its people than the punishment. However, if someone does not obey the laws, the one must heavily punish to following the current laws. When the police who ought to obey the laws, they are not abused the laws by their government protection let them murder the innocent and honest people because the police and people look like fish and water, they are not enemy.

    A modern nation of the laws is fair when nation should be deleting more unfairness in society. Moreover, the unfair laws of nation ought to make its people that who are stressed heart and mind by an unfair society and then its people should take place many struggles in order to seek justice, but when people can not seek any justice of a nation, they should risk one’s life because they are pushed into corner of walls without outlet.

    Because these men seem not control themselves when their wisdom which is narrow than the brainy men. Because they are disappointed all dreams by the unfair laws. For example, according to a poor family, the hope of it is its cute child, but the unfair laws are seized its hope and pushed it to a corner of walls without outlet when its happiness was broken by the unfair laws; and therefore, it is risked body in order struggle with the justice.

    If fair laws of a modern nation, the laws may delete so many crimes and chaos; and then, the society is peaceful more than not obeying laws. In fact, it carries on the fairness of laws, its police are represented government by the fair laws when the authorized laws of the police should be confronted with crime, the police can not shoot to any crimes if the criminals do not have weapons, which are not equivalent with the police, so the police are not authorized to shoot doubt case. Thus, the doubt crime is using a knife; so the police must use knife that is the same thing, but the police are not used any guns to shoot it. If the crime is used a gun, the police must have gun and fight with a crime. For example, it is same as the war laws when the enemy does not wear any labels and weapons, the opposition can not fight with enemy. In case, the police are doubt to opposition who has gun and the police shoot three times to point to heaven in order to warn it. If a doubt criminal does not drop down weapon, so the police must shoot in order to protection one’s self. However, the police will not authorize to shoot on the back of a doubt criminal, because it has cut and run, it could not be high risk to the police.

    The fair police are protecting nation and people without enemy of their people. According to a modern nation, the police will freely not shoot their people by their favor. If the police are esteem bodies and happiness in them, they ought to esteem their people than the police’s life. Because the police get salaries from their people taxes, the police can not turn back their guns to kill their people. When the duty and responsibility of the police must arrest crime or doubt criminal, the police must bring them to the court, so the death, the jail, the forgiveness are belonged of the court, so the police do not authorize to finalized life of crime or doubt criminal. The police are not had evil intentions with their innocent people because we are ruled by the justice, but not police ruled.

    Fair laws of a nation are happiness of everyone if unfair laws of a country are high risk of government and people. Because the duty and responsibility of government do not only bring happiness and peace to its people but also have equal judge courts system, the best of government ought first to protect the life of its people are peaceful, justice in all, but not discriminate races, not put any labels of the traps its people because the duty and responsibility of government workers must find out any dangerous oppositions, they must bring them to the courts. They are not lazy when they have been trapping for innocent people in order to accomplish a feat and receive the big salary.

  14. Put into effect faithfully laws, society is peaceful. Bright Quang said.

  15. To follow with to shame
    Former President Nixon, he did not need any American Congress that it approved to his works. For example, the Vietnam War, the Nixon has signed a peace treaty in Paris, but he did not need the American Congress, that it could approve to his works and then, he has torn International Agreement of Vietnam War when the Nixon always praised the American Democracy and freedom that the United States has been persuaded the South Vietnam that it has anti-communism, but when the United States of America has invaded Vietnam already. it did not only kill president of Vietnam but also sold off Vietnam land to communism. The US did not consider to the unhappiness of the Vietnamese people when it is happy more than everything in its life because the United States of America has killed Republic of Vietnam and more than one million of Vietnamese soldiers. The American interests groups were happy more than in their lives when they were betrayed a more national Vietnam. That it was the same as a educator who was beaten a new born.

  16. To follow to shame
    Former President Nixon, he did not need any American Congress that it approved to his works. For example, the Vietnam War, the Nixon has signed a peace treaty in Paris, but he did not need the American Congress, that it could approve to his works and then, he has torn International Agreement of Vietnam War when the Nixon always praised the American Democracy and freedom that the United States has been persuaded the South Vietnam that it has anti-communism, but when the United States of America has invaded Vietnam already. it did not only kill president of Vietnam but also sold off Vietnam land to communism. The US did not consider to the unhappiness of the Vietnamese people when it is happy more than everything in its life because the United States of America has killed Republic of Vietnam and more than one million of Vietnamese soldiers. The American interests groups were happy more than in their lives when they were betrayed a more national Vietnam. That it was the same as a educator who was beaten a new born.

  17. Dear C.J. Birch:
    Bright Quang, he would like to thank you so much because you have offered a wonderful place for weak men and poor to have a good chance that they are communicating their voice of wisdom to the the world.
    Especially, Bright Quang, he is thankful to you because his dreams were lost in the past by the Vietnam War, he is now seeming to recapture his lost things and he says, “The struggle of his own life is as important as fishes need water.”

  18. Dear Sir:
    I would like to petition you for understanding about my life because my life is unable to do everything. When our government and the United States of Justice Department have put a label of mental case on my head and therefore I would not dare do everything in our nation when I worry about the American trappers that they will trap me and police will kill me because I am mental case. Therefore, I have using my pen let me talk about sufferings of my life.

    Bright Quang

  19. Bright Quang said:
    “Democracy of the powerful is not truthful.”

  20. I do hope Obama and Eric Holder should delete about the racism when I am hopeful to Our President Obama and General Attorney Eric Holder will take off a label of mental case on my head let me recapture honor, and dignity of innocent honest American citizen.
    Obama and race: why Eric Holder’s words stirred such anger

  21. How Would We are a Best of American Citizen

    We, the Americans, how would we become to be the best of American citizens? Because we are very lucky to live in a modern nation or so-called this is the paradise of the world of the human beings that is right when we are realized about the super emperor of the United States. However, here the paradise of the world of the human beings, it has been taken place for so much miserable more than the happiness. If we are unable carefully to realize about our American society, we will be living in a luxurious house, which is to have the big, high four walls and many guard when we could see the sky that is as the same a small cover pot. After that, how would we think of our life that it can be happy or unhappy or we are living in the paradise or the hell? As a result, we, the American citizens, should be decision oneself no one who helps us when we must follow the ways that these are perfect oneself, self educating family ours and behaving well in society.

    First of all, we should be perfect one in order to becoming a good American citizen if we understand about the rules of the life. The rules of our society are natural laws, so we must follow the natural laws. For example, after our parents have gave birth us, our parents do wished us to be a good child because their dream is believable and hopeful to their good child more than everything in their life. The first duty of a child must be successful in education because the education is as the same a super key that it should be opened all of biggest treasure of civilization present. A further matter, we ought to express oneself when we are living in a modern America that our duty and responsibility should be perfectly in all. For example, we ought to pay all of the American income-taxes because the income-taxes build to our modern nation if no one pays income-taxes, our nation will not be undeveloped and our government will be bankrupting. Besides that, our duty and responsibility do make perfectly in general elections, we should express the right of good citizens by democratic elections throughout our ballots, which are symbolized for our voice of the rights of our good citizens. Finalized thing is of us will not be violated to any American laws because our good American citizens ought to respect our Constitution that we are faithful to our oaths in order to express patriots.

    Second, we self educate well family because our family is firmly corner-stone of social America because when we are grown up, we must get married and then we will have some children in order to repay pious to our ancestry. If we have experienced about human race study, we have understood about the laws of marriage. In fact, we get married without thought love sex, but we do have married with subject that we will inherit your blood links in order to chain our family and to protect country. If we will not get married, we will not inherit any blood links; and after that, our family relationship will be extinct and our races are too, so our nation will be lost by the foreign invaders. Thus, we have to protect our well family by any means ours and for example, we, the American men, always listen to our wives and we will never quarrel with wife, so our salary should then give all for her that is of our loyal to our wife. Next, we are good husbands we’ll never be playing any adulterers, gambles and crimes because these worst kinds will be broken up for family happiness. After that, we could be homeless men or prisoners, we could be lost in all or we will be nothing and valued men.

    Third, we are American citizens of the best men we do behaving well in society because our American justice is limited but the American injustice is limitless when our ambitions are border-less. If we are not being perfect one, we may be falling in crime. Therefore, we should behave well in all of the conditions. Truly, we have known to each government of the world, which have declared constitutional nation in order to protect its interests groups, but cheats its people because of the laws ought to punish the people. The laws do not punish any powers when they are sat on the constitution by their mightier. But the weak and poor people carry on laws oneself head, we, the weak and poor, are not be asked for helps by our government because it does not concern to our low class. The constitution and the laws of the mightier look like the drawn cake, so we do not only enjoy designers but also protect them surely. In contrast, the human rights of the powers are authorized to interfering to the others because the weak people could not fight for against to the powers. Of the oppressed nations fight for defeating the foreign invaders, they are violated for the human rights.

    In conclusion, we, the human beings of the modern world, wish to be the best of international citizens, so we’ll not struggle with the might leaders when we could use our barbarous violations because the life is short but our duty and responsibility of our family are heavily doing more affairs. Thus, we should be received their injustice, but we must be repaid them by our philosophies, so their injustice will be faded away. Another, if we are the best of international citizens, we should think that their powerful happiness looked like our own, their source of life of the powers is as important as our life and their sorrow of their powerful looked our own. So our world and our nation will be peaceful, our people and human beings of the world will not be miserable that’s our wisdom must be won the injustice powers.

  22. The morality treasure of a sublime leader is lost by his inequality, then his dignity will be faded by human history, Bright Quang said.

  23. Enslave exists, the inequality increases up, Bright Quang said.

  24. War looks like a hole.
    It buries many people.
    All of them lack paddies,
    Yet, the bombs crumble their bodies, Bright Quang said.

  25. If you wish to be a sublime man, you should understand the rules of the society and here are:
    Three main paths are:
    The Happiness,
    The Source of Life
    and the Sorrow.

    And with Noble Fivefold are:
    The Right Thoughtfulness,
    The Right Love,
    The Right forgiveness,
    The Right Struggles
    and the Right Independence,
    Voice of wisdom of Bright Quang.

  26. Dear Sir:
    According to the Iraq War that former President Bush’s son was wrong because he was not loyal to American Constitution since he has betrayed with American Constitution and the American people. However, according to President Barack Obama that he is the best one because he has loved peacefully more than the invasion war and here are:
    Bright Quang, he did not wear any glasses when he is seeing the plays of the American wars games because Bright Quang, he is a Vietnamese American citizen, speaks the truth and hurt people’s feelings, and so the right of him realizes to his nation’s the United States fairly.
    First of all, former President Bush’s son seemed not understand about the story saying, “A bad beginning makes a good ending.” Former President Bush’s was the demagogy because the American Constitution has entirety prohibited to everyone who was untruthful in order to trample our American Constitution down , which was the same as the Bush’s son. In fact, our American Constitution has prohibited to tell lies. Eventually,

    Since former President Bush’s son has been campaigned for Iraq War, he was communicating the Iraq government had been created the chemical weapons; and therefore, he wished to attach to Iraq Nation. However, after his ambitions were done, many American scientists have come to Iraq, but they did not fight out any chemical weapons. If the American men was deceitful thing, these Americans should be punished by the American Courts because those were not loyal to our American Constitution.
    Second, Iraq government has privately sovereignty, which is the same as our American sovereignty without one violated our sovereignty, but why did we violate to others sovereignty?

    Third, According to President Barack Obama that he is the best, because he seems not want to our American economic should be bankrupting again. As we understand that former President Bush’s son has been taken venturesome for invasion war, he had ever considered to our American people taxes; and then, he has made our nation’s bankrupted for few of the years. Moreover, the body of former President Bush’s son did not like any wars because the Vietnam War was taken place for more years since he was escaped his duty and responsibility. Since he has come to power, he has campaigned for invasion wars. He did not understand about the unhappiness of our American soldiers because their families were separated each others by the invasion war. Beside that his daughter was drunken by alcohol and opium.

    In conclusion, the peaceful way of Iraq war now, President Obama is the best of solution way because the Iraq government has not reunited in order to build its nation. Its groups were dividing to each others, it has never respectful to each others; and therefore, President Obama has the right plan. if President Obama is the same as former President Bush’s son, President Obama will be miserable of his duty and responsibly because our American economics will be bankrupted again and the unemployed Americans will be increasing, so the chasm of between the rich and the poor will be far distance; and then, President Obama can not fill down this chasm.

  27. If you wish to be a sublime man, you should understand the rules of the society and here are:
    Three main paths are the Happiness, the Source of Life and the Sorrow, and with Noble Fivefold are the Right Thoughtfulness, the Right Love, the Right forgiveness, the Right Struggles and the Right Independence, voice of wisdom of Bright Quang.

  28. Dear Sir:
    That’s why; I would like to submit to share my case to you because I am a weak-willed man without any guns, but I have my voices of wisdom let me build my life. In my opinion, I am living in modern country using my intelligence let me struggle with the injustices, which have been trampling my honor and dignity down and destroying my name and age and my voices of wisdom. If you may understand about my true life, you may help me by any meanings of your kindness because according to a best of American citizens who are only paying full income taxes, voting for elections and not violating to the American laws, so the American citizens are equal before the American Courts; and therefore, I have said, “Perform justice which is peaceful, but anti-justice, as demagogy.”
    I would like to thank you so much.
    Bright Quang
    Redwood City, April 30, 2014

    Bright Quang

    xxx Pacific AVE # x

    Redwood City, CA 94063


    Tax certificate # 46090

    # C.I.V 488313 & A128855

    President of the United States of America Barack Obama

    Washington DC. 20530

    My Civil Rights Petition to President Barack Obama

    Dearest President Obama:

    I would sincerely like to petition you may help me recapture honor, human
    dignity, and my voice of wisdom when Superior Court of County San Mateo and Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager in 1377 Fell Street Second Floor, Department of Motor Vehicle in San Francisco, California 94177, they put a label of mental case on my head in order to trample my Civil Rights down. Next, I do fight for
    the cause of justice from the low to the high court, but they have anti- even
    hand justice. They did not give me get equal when I am petitioning my case to
    U.S. Supreme Court because I am an innocent American citizen. Finally, they
    have been anti-civil rights of mine because my duty and responsibility have
    been paying for full income taxes, voting election, and not violating any
    crimes and traffic laws, I am indubitably protected by our American
    Constitution and I am equal before any American Courts. For that reason, no
    rich one or powerful influence’s one pushes my weak, my poor, and my honest
    life to a corner of wall without outlet, but they have calumniated me violate traffic
    law in order to earn money me through San Mateo County Bar Association. In
    fact, my quality of legal person hasn’t lost, but there have not given me have
    right before the American Courts in order to complain compensation of my
    injuries. For these reasons above of my case, I would like to petition to you may help me take out of the mental case on my head, and here are:

    First of all, my dedication would like to offer my book’s “The Gift” to you; and
    then, I would like to follow this; “The First Amendment
    provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or
    prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press,
    assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of
    grievances.” But some governmental employees have put a label of mental case on my head in order to defame and to destroy my honor, my human dignity, and my voice of wisdom when I have been building up my wonderful life for more than the sixty years. In fact, Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager in San Francisco, she has calumniated mental case for me in order to destroy my mane and age. Accurately, I am a Vietnamese American artist, poet, and writer when I have been exhibiting pieces of artwork and books for many places in the United States, I have created books’ publishing the fourteen subjects of the books and over one hundreds’ art subjects. But all of my works were nothing; I did not earn more money because I was insulted mental case by Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager. In my case, on November 7, 2007, I was trauma when getting out of my house in order to get mails, but I was accident when falling down on the land. And then, I was visiting my family
    doctors for the few time, I was not driven any cars for one year by my family
    doctors’ order. That time, I was obeying them; I have never driven any cars and
    not violated to any traffic laws and crime laws. However, Department of Motor
    Vehicle has ordered me beg for writ of mandate from the court because it has
    put a label of mental case on my head.

    my civil Rights are discriminated by the low and the high court of the State of
    California. According to American Constitution is protected for Civil Rights for all
    American People if no one violates any American laws. When I have not violated
    any traffic and crime laws, I am treated equally by the American Laws. Thus, I
    went to the County of San Mateo of Superior Court on September 25, 2009 in order
    to make an appointment for the judge. So there gave me get number case is
    C.I.V488313 and I was not paid any legal fees because at this time, I was fired
    off by my job. Let me recapture my driver license and my honor, my human dignity,
    and my voice of wisdom were lost in all by Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety
    Manager. However, on December 10, 2009, the County of San Mateo of Superior
    Court has not judge my case, but it gave an order me come to San Mateo County
    Bar Association’s phone is (650)369-4149. In my opinion that one hour of the
    attorney is at least from $600.00 to $2,500.00 when my salary of per month was
    the eight hundreds dollars ($800.00), I should not be able to follow my
    lawsuit, but I can be… because I do believe to Lawyer Referral Service than
    the others. Ironically, after discussing between I and Savas J. Loukedis Lawyer
    about my case on January 22, 2010 He was surveying from D.M.V in Redwood City and telling me pay him get $2,000.00 dollars (two thousands dollar). Lets him give notice of appeal—even though, D.M.V was wrong to my mental case, but it has ordered of suspension my driver license limitless. As a result, I told him and said,
    “I am unable to pay this legal fee because I was not wrong. Why did it force
    me to go to the court? It was humorously been playing for unfair game’s
    anti-democracy of our nation, so I can’t believe to this court because one side
    of them told me to have mental case. The other sides of them acknowledged to
    award’s letter for my best citizen; and since, there had denied my case. In my
    opinion that they were super-demagogic; and therefore, Therefore, I have
    decided for complaining my case to Supreme Court of California State
    because this court seemed to make money me.

    Third, my excellence of legal person is value because my duty and responsibility have been carrying on the American Constitution as like voting election, adequately
    paying income-taxes, but not violating any traffic and crime laws—and therefore, I do fight for the cause of justice to the end. Subsequently, the American Laws ought to protect to my Civil Rights because I do not only dedicate my voice of wisdom for our nation but also I am awarded letter’s outstanding citizen by the County of San Mateo of Superior Court again. Accurately, when Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager and the County of San Mateo of Superior Court were abridged Civil Rights of mine, they have entirely destroyed my name and age and gross income by my mental condition—and therefore, I ought to complain my case to Supreme Court of the State of California because I did not sell any pieces of artwork and earn more money of my books. Truthfully, After graduating from California State University, I have been finding out the job, earning money, and repaying for student-loan when I have creating for the forty-three portraits of American Presidents and the fourteen books into the English language, I was not sold any pieces of artwork, the books, and hired
    any employees that they could work with me. Those were bankrupted by my mental
    condition. I was become to a worst artist, poet, and writer by a label of mental
    case. Give consideration to my fight for the cause of Justice, Supreme Court of
    California has approved my complaint’s compensation for five millions dollars and
    gave me get case number is A 128855 on May 15, 2010, there could give me have a
    good chance if the court ought to judge my case. Suddenly, the County of San
    Mateo of Superior Court was displaying a law game, because my case was held in
    with camera on June 24, 2010 after I did fight for the cause of justice. Then,
    it showed its final decision and said, “With condition was for writ of
    mandate is denied.” In contrast, the conflict of the American laws makes
    me confuse—and in fact, when I did not violate any traffic laws, I was put a
    label of mental case— I petitioned for writ of mandate, but it did not judge.
    When I was appealing to high court of California,
    I was noticed deny by the County of San Mateo of Superior Court. Continuously, I
    do fight for the cause of justice to high court of the United States
    in order to recapture my honor, human dignity, and wisdom of my life and to
    complain compensation of my injuries. Give encouragement to my struggles for
    the cause of justice, I was abridged civil rights from the low to high court in
    the State of California.
    My name and age were entirely destroyed by the discrimination color because I
    do not only bear a Native American but also have the poor and the weak. I was
    treated unfairness by the American laws when the United States of Department of
    Justice could try to delay my complaining for petitioning compensation five
    millions dollars. My present, my future, and my offspring have entirely been
    lost by a label of mental case of Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager. When
    the U.S of Justice has ordered me make up specific statement already, I will
    not receive any information after one year that I had made up my specific

    In conclusion, Dearest President,

    I am sincerely petitioning my case to President because my heart, my soul, my
    brain are very sufferings when I am an honest, innocent, not violating any
    traffic and crime laws, but I was put a label of mental case on my head by the
    powerful. First, I was abridged Civil Rights by Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager. My quality of legal person was completely lost the freedom and own business by the discrimination’s courts of the State of California. Because from the days were notice of findings and decision of Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager; my life was to be put in prison when my freedom, action business, and legal person
    were entirely lost by some governmental employees of our nation. First, a
    prisoner of the mental case could not carry out in the public because the
    police always oversee the mental case to violate laws when my mental case is
    very harmful to the public and my family is too.

    My business was bankrupted because on one buys my pieces of artwork and reads my books; even though, my books were supported for the historic America and
    college students because I was mental condition by Barbara Schmidt Driver
    Safety Manager. Some of American Courts have believed to my mental case when
    they did not judge for my injuries. As President should understand about a
    mental person that he does not only lose the present but also, the long run, will
    be lost to so many offspring of my lineages that they will be ashamed by my
    mental condition when I have been creative for a big treasure of the art, the
    literature, and voice of wisdom. Especially, I have not been earned for good
    money because my quality is mental case. After standing up from a prisoner of
    conscience of the Vietnam War, my dreams are hopeful to build a new life in our
    nation. With evidently, my mental condition does not only destroy our nation
    face. I have been painted the forty-four portraits of our presidents’ including
    of your portrait and some of bronze casting’s American Presidents again but
    also crushes down our American Justice when my art, my literature, and my voices
    of wisdom have been living on the bookshelf of the human world. Therefore, I
    would decidedly entreat you may help me recapture all of my qualities from the
    United States of Supreme Court because there is represented by the American
    Justice, but the right comes to your decision.


    Bright Quang


    Notice of finding and decision for MENTAL CONDITION

    U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector general

    Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division

    Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo

    Lawyer Referral Service


    Also, this agency does not have jurisdiction over the Department of Motor

    DMV Evaluation result

    Notice of findings and decision, Lack of skills and knowledge…


    Health history of family doctor

    Health Analysis

    Health San Mateo Center

    First complain Is CIV 488313

    form 1099 published books

    TurboTax 2013

    Bill Clinton letter

    complain # A128855

    The Decision on Your case of mental condition

    Disability Determination Service Division

    on judicial Appointments

    I am returning your letter and the attachments for your file

    Democratic National Committee

    Direct Loans # $28.036.89

    Editor’s Choice Award of poetry

    Healthcare bill

    Benefit of Social Security Administration

    Business Tax certificate 37781, year of 2007

    Business Tax certificate 37781, year of 2014

  29. Dear sir: According to make a good American citizen that the one has been paying for adequate income tax, making election duty and not violating to any American laws; and then, the one ought to be equal before the American Constitution, and, Bright Quang, he said, ” Perform justice which is peaceful, but anti-justice,as demagogy.” Bright Quang, a best of American citizen, said, ” The great hope of America society is individual character. Therefore, my life is not to be a brick, which lies under mud. Instead, I see my life as a brick, which supports the building of the American democracy. And, “The string of love is self volunteered dedication to each other without any compulsion.” However, Americanism puts a label of mental case on the head of Bright Quang in order to destroy his name and age which are why the United States continues to be the most unequal developed nations

  30. Bright Quang

    Hello Friendship: By the way of Easter Holiday, I’d like to send these to you in order to be funny to Live an idle life

    In the small bamboo garden He secretly lives The wharf of literature His pen acts willfully He draws pictures in the spring When hes enjoying in blossom There are butterflies Summer, he sculpts some figures Autumn, he creates so many poems In the winter is the frozen He drinks some cups of wine Hes reviewed his life in the past What good and ill have he sown? Hed not make the worst soldier Let him follow a way of immorality Of inhuman leaders He takes up his torch A dark moonless night When he releases an ethical way That realizes ones ambition

    My Pen

    My pen never kneels under violence, Unfairness and barbarism My pen always strives for the freedom, Public service and humanity My pen should not have to attend Any political parties My pen struggles from the lowest to the highest My pen must protect the weakest When exploited by the powerful, Humanity is crushed under the communist dream Mt pen speaks out of my innermost restlessness. My pen cannot service any the cruel magnates. My pen praises In my love paradise If my pen may die speared By the barbarous swords, that is my glory As the wicked king dies in public revolution, my pen

    Bright Quang Said:

    ” Love is of valued more than everything in our-lives If the one’s without love who looks like a dead tree.”

    Bright Quang Said:

    We communicate morality to our children The morality does not only make them happiness But also builds their lives perfect The morality is to be noble more than gold and money

    All for the best Bright Quang

  31. I can always count on solid advice. Today was no exception. – John

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