Shooting stars – Blog No. 41


Shooting stars involves taking aim. Taking aim involves skill, concentration. You do not want to miss. Shooting stars everywhere are evocative of ever, forever. Infinity. They burn fast, and bright – and out. The way it should be.

A lot of wishes are sent upon shooting stars, theirs’ is a special role in the universe. There are many, many, millions of shooting stars sparking, arcing, dying – only to come alive again in some other night sky to deliver home those wishes which are made with a pure heart. These are the only wishes that will ever manifest, real.

Shooting stars do not arrive when you decide that it’s time. They arrive when they are primed and ready to fly. When their timing is perfect. Should you be searching the skies with your eyes and you happen to witness a shooting star’s passage through time, know that you have been included in a moment of magic. Pure magic.


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2 responses to “Shooting stars – Blog No. 41

  1. Bright Quang

    Dear Sir,
    Let President Biden self-resolve the secret documents in his car and at his Penner Biden office- after that, I would tell you to know.Second, the US Department of Justice has ordered Robert Hur judge who should investigate the secret documents’ of our President and then, and I will tell you to know about it, and now I would like to submit to the US Attorney General Why hasn’t the U.S. Department of Justice ordered any American judges to investigate the Vietnam War a few American leaders have self-confessed wrongful actions in the Vietnam War when the U.S. Congress not only enacted the law to persuade the Republic of Vietnam to fight against Socialism but also approved the sovereignty and the right to self-determination of the Republic of Vietnam and why hasn’t the U.S. Congress enforced three multilateral and thirty-seven treaties with the Republic of Vietnam?Finally, the donation is very easy because the donation is online. However, what is the meaning of donation? No donations from the poorest guy who donated to the richest men when American politics are the richest more than I millionfold. In contrast, American politics have not only yet resolved my settlement case for prisoners of War or the Vietnamese American Veteran’s benefits but also discriminated against national color skin. If I donated, I would have committed a crime because I have bribed the American political powers. Therefore, this time I can’t donate to every American political power.

  2. Bright Quang said:
    “Democracy of the powerful is not truthful.”

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