Copyrighted Material C.J. Birch – All rights reserved


was sitting wondering what the point of being in control of anorexia, was.  Or is.
That is control of your mind.
But my problem is that as you starve your beautiful self to death
and worry about how your bum looks in a mirror you don’t see
or won’t see
or can’t see,
there are people like holocaust hearts who starve for no reason other than famine.
Do you think the Jews had time to worry about their bikinis at Auschwitz-am-See?
I suppose you could say that there was never a long holiday in their promise.
Or in that premise.
That the two agreed who lives, who dies, is not of your interest?
To me, that is the most important.
That is bigger than YOUR prejudice.
That is community spirit.
That – is Kibbutz.

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