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Fantasy – Blog No. 33


There are days here and there when I wonder what fantasy actually is.  Apart from being a state of mind, it is clearly an ideal place to be at some stage in your daily thinking.  Fantasy can be anything from reality right through to illusion – and everything in between.  Fiction is not fantasy.  Fantasy is very real.  It takes an extraordinary level of concentration to maintain the purity of thought required for the creation – or the construction, if you like – of a flawless fantasy.  It takes some practice, too.

Fantasy requires minds to find a steady stream of consciousness through which their ideal can be projected.  To find the ideal you need to be a positive thinker.  To find a steady stream is essential.  Fantasies do not travel well under bumpy conditions.  They are delicate in nature.  Nature does not have fantasies about killing, or causing suffering to living things.  There will be fantasies found about eating, feeding frenzies.  About sex.  That is perfectly natural.  Nature takes time to build a fantasy with the reality; she does not waste time dreaming about pain.

Fantasies are for the bravehearts.  For those that dare to think big.  Small fantasies are not necessarily smaller than any bigger ones you may have along your way.  It depends how deep small goes.  How shallow your perception.  When you understand the motivation behind a fanciful way of choosing to live, you will understand how absolutely essential the propagation of fantasy is as a very real – and viable – reality.

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Angels – Blog No. 28


A white feather is said to indicate the presence of an angel.  The recent presence.  Should there be proof to the contrary I would like to see it.  Whether you believe in angels or whether you don’t is not really what matters, the importance of believing in something is what is helpful to your cause – i.e. your life.  If you are still of the opinion that those who choose to believe in a ‘greater’ something are delusional, you should perhaps ask them about their illusions.  If they have none – if they do not subscribe to illusion in the first place – then it is not possible for them to be delusional about a ‘greater’ something or any ‘other’ something, either, when all is considered.

An angel’s reputation is for ‘watching over’.  For protecting.  It is not a reputation that an angel takes lightly.  That is for a good reason.  Where protection is necessary, angels have their purpose.  If there should be a person on this planet that does not need protection from time to time, that would surprise me.   It would probably also delight me.  It is occasionally vital to feel delighted.  It is also occasionally vital to feel safe.

There is a good reason, too, to have guardians for what is commonly referred to on Earth as ‘Hell’.  Hell has some very valuable assets.  Should people be disinclined to believe that that is the case, they should visit it.  They may be pleasantly surprised by what they find behind its doors.  Mind you, not just anyone can walk through its doors.  As for ‘Heaven’, there is a passcode for Hell.  Naturally if you fail to fit the passcode, you cannot gain entry and you are automatically redirected back to Heaven.  Nevermind.  When given the choice, that is where most chose to go.

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The rumour years ago that I was not anybody’s wife was not a rumour. It was true. As was the rest of what I said.

Rumours – Blog No. 26

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The best rumours are the ones that end up in the slip-stream of Chinese whispers. The concoctions that come out of that particular collaboration are astounding. Especially – and seriously especially – when those ‘Chinese’ are not Chinese. Then things become very interesting. You cannot twist a whisper and then blame the fact of your misunderstanding on a lack of communication.

Rumours – Blog No.26

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The Crux – Blog No. 22


The Crux of the matter refers usually to the heart of the matter, its core. The basis of anything. When you head to the crux of anything, you are very likely to find a positive outcome, i.e. a solution. That is because you choose to begin in the right place, which is at the beginning. It can be productive to start elsewhere – like half-way between the problem and the solution – but a solution does not usually present itself to those who use short-cuts.

The Crux is also the other name for The Southern Cross, visible with the naked eye on clear nights in southern skies. It has been guiding sailors – and natives – for just about ever. It is important that you have The actual Crux when you start your search, or when you look to the sky for guidance. There is another cross – The False Cross – in the universal soup. You do not want to be reading directions from that.

It would seem that although ‘crux’ stems from Latin, it has travelled, too, via the Scandinavians and other interpreters of the time. Therefore it has different meanings, depending on why it is used, and by whom. In a literal sense for Christians, a ‘crux’, or ‘cross’, is a stark reminder of where Jesus ended his days. To someone other than that, it is not. It is reminiscent of a kiss in the night sky.


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Blog No. 11 – Mermaid


Photo:  Helen Ree –

The thousand-yard stare that speaks of reason.

A defiance in defence of life.

Mermaids do not question defence when it serves purpose.

That is why they still have their tails.

Should you wish to ride the high tide – her waves – you may ask.

She may say no. She may not.

That is a mermaid’s prerogative.

Mermaids are good friends with predators.

The Seven Sirens favour mermaids.

That is their prerogative, it is not nepotism – or favouritism.

Mermaids do not have sisterhood issues,

nor do they rely on brotherhood sustenance. They swim free.

The past blurs, when mermaids turn.

That is their way. They know how deep the oceans go.

That said, there is not often time for turning.

Mermaids have yet to find Poseidon.

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Blog No. 10 – Mermaid

mermaid_04Photo:  Helen Ree

She comes inshore when the moon’s illumination is phosphorescent.

She is ashore, beside the tide of life, counting crests.

She marvels at their perpetual return journey:

like one would marvel at a satellite mapping souls.

Mermaids have souls,

Naturally the progeny of the God Poseidon

and his Trident,

breathing underwater is the least of their talents.

Skills, gills, they all serve purpose.

Like nothing happens without a good reason not to.

Mermaids prefer sun-fish, lightly fried.

Sushi is good on Tuesdays.

Sirens are fond of reason.

Mermaids are pragmatic.

They know oysters grow pearls –

and that is their best talent.


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Baggage – Blog No. 9


During the course of my experiments with this and that, I have realised that the weight of the baggage we carry far exceeds its need, which is to perform the temporary service of anchoring us in the past. It is very important to anchor. Where exactly you anchor is not of consequence – no place is necessarily a bad place, one is just better than the other.

Baggage is therefore that which holds us back. It needs to be carefully measured and kept where necessary. It must also be parted with, where necessary. That is a fine line. It is not easy to find a perfect balance, but it is possible. It depends on how you do your measuring. It can be helpful to measure in suffering when you find yourself at a loss. When you can understand suffering, you can then get rid of it. Suffering is suffering. We all know how to spell that word.

There will inevitably be bits of residual baggage left, even when you take the time to sort through the shit and discard the wasted pain. That is what is not necessary to keep. There is not a day likely – on this planet – that pain will not be visited upon something, someone, somewhere. The best we can do is make the best of bad situation. The most effective method of doing that is by making the situation better. That is not hard. War might well be the Father of All, but it, too, has a sell-by date. There are other ways to assert yourselves, your might. And let’s face it – there are more than five mighty powers out there.

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Thinking – Blog No. 66


Don’t look at your feet, he said, or you will trip.  Look straight ahead, at the far side of the room.
We crowded the staircase for a posed photo
after raiding the car park for some car-stereo O.M.D.,
illicit beers and cigarettes
our chaperones’ better sense for underage champagne.
Sparkling wine, actually.
Mildly a-buzz
we accepted certificates for our virginity
and waited to be stormed by the eligible batchelors.
I am still waiting.
I have told you beowulf, I hate waiting.

I wait for you to bare your teeth at me in a riding-hood smile
I anticipate shooting that smile off your face.
Smug bastard, take a hike to nowhereland.
I have no time free to send your shit into my dreams.
You better not have told me another bullshit rendition of your truth.
Thus far, I only know yours in condition, like as in conditional.
I don’t agree with that.  I agree with as is.
That means eclectic – a bit new, a bit old.
A bite-sized bit in the middle.

Until ever, there will be three.  I go for ply-policy.
Never put your ducks in a row.  They are too easy to shoot.
Always put your eggs in the basket.  It kept Moses alive.

The goat coming for supper was an added boon.
The invitation was so warm, sincere, it did not cross my mind to say no, thank you –
even though the taxi was a stranger
we were seven months pregnant.
We sat cross-legged at a knee-high table
dressed in blue and white
spread with kind gestures and sweet memories
I am fortunate enough to have shared.

The stars spoke to us of Islam and Islamicism
Anti-Islamic hators.
We dissected western interest in a tourist trap
I felt affronted at the lack of respect shown
to a land of faith, in a land of faith
that protects the feminine.
That was me, feeling.
Not suspicion, prejudice, fear, doubt or recrimination.
Just love.

The moon tricked us into talking past midnight
we invoked spirits in German, English, French, Muslim.
For I believe that Muslim is a language all of its own.
As is any, that cares enough for its people.
I delighted in your children’s certificates and songs
loved their shyness.
I felt like part of your family.
I am grateful that you showed us around.
It made Tunisia feel like home.


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Labelling – Blog No. 60

CG Jung

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