KORO by C.J.Birch

Buy now! My second book KORO has been published and is available by clicking on the book cover icon to the left.  The paperback is also available online at Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk/loot.co.za  or electronically available on kindle.

This book is about making choices in life and taking accountability for what you choose for yourself.  I was was inspired to write this book after watching a documentary about Prince Harry’s charity in Lesotho.  I saw the plight of orphans at Sentebale and decided there were too many atrocities going on in the world around us.  There was too much pain being visited on children in this world and I felt strongly that more needs to be done about this.
This booked is aimed at anyone with a conscience.  The readers will come from all age groups and will have different reasons for choosing to read the work.
KORO took me 4 years to complete after much research.  A lot of reading.  A lot of understanding.  A lot of empathy.  A lot of passion for my subject(s).
I found inspiration for the book title from a legend that I had been reading about penis panics in this century.  Koro is the ‘theft’ of the male genitals, the results of magic, a worked curse.   I felt the book cover needed to be a powerful expression of the content.  It was clear to me that the designer understood the message in the work.
I  found the hardest part of writing KORO was deciding how to structure the ending.  This work is a foundation for a sequel and as a coherent base it had to be solid.
In writing this book I learnt much about balancing objectivity and subjectivity.  I learnt a great deal about my own perception, my own capacity for understanding other human beings.
My message to my readers is…”You have a voice.  Use it.  However you choose to speak.  There are a lot of things going on in our world that we should simply say ‘no’ to.”

My approach to the work is simple, I have taken care to handle the subject matter skillfully.  There is no sensationalism, just open explanation of complex subjects.  I have cultivated an objectivity to ensure that the matters of consequence are introduced as impartially as possible, with a view to encouraging the readers to make up their own minds when it comes to events discussed, demonstrated.  My research ensures the reader will be educated, my predilection for prose means the reader will be entertained by my ‘showing’ style and the reader will become informed about some of the atrocities happening in the world around them.  It is time for these many atrocities to be faced, and eradicated.

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  2. The world of animals and people will be even more wonderful if your words are heeded.

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