All the below Poetry is copyrighted material by C.J. Birch.  © All rights reserved.

Tendrils_2012      Toxic Waste_2012

A State of Modern Affairs_2012       Aphrodisiac_2012

In the Time of Our Father_2012        Auschwitz-am-See_2012

Hourglass 2006     Mecca 2012     Multinational Indaba 2012

Fundamentalism 2012     Key Poetry 2012

Mercy, Oh Mercy 2012

4 responses to “Poetry

  1. Thank you. Believing came to me after reading a couple of your poems, which I like!!

  2. I honestly don’t know how to write free verse, but when I read yours I was inspired to write this one (Sheila Cragg, copyright 2013).


    Sheila Cragg

    How can anyone believe in a personal God, our Father?
    When those of us who claim to believe in Him,
    Scare unbelievers away from our Father God.
    We convince unbelievers that there cannot be a personal caring Father
    by how we His so-called children act.
    Proud. Clickish. Know it all. Sly sinners that we are.
    Hypocrites to our core.
    Driving nails into other peoples’ crosses,
    Claiming health and wellness, gain whatever you please.
    Preach wealth to those sick and in poverty with hungry children who cry,
    nauseated with hunger. Sick to their stomachs.
    Vomiting empty promises of a Santa Claus God.

    Why would anyone believe in our Father? In a personal Savior?
    Let us hope. Let us pray that God will humble our hearts.
    Open our hearts. Be honest about our lowly condition.
    Pray others will see Jesus and respond to Him and not be put off by us.
    Jesus, the God Man, the way, the truth, and the life, the only way to eternal life.
    Personal. Sacrificial, life-giving Jesus.
    Seeking heart, turn your face away from we believers who offend you.
    Look into the pure and loving eyes of Jesus.
    He is knocking at your heart’s door. Invite Him in.
    Never glance at us again. Never let us weaken your faith
    or turn you away from our Father.
    We believers can be such fools.
    See Jesus. Walk by faith with Him.
    Loved by our Father God, who gave his only Son for us, for all eternity.

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