A true Artist will create in every medium available to them, I am no exception…

1.) one of the coloured geckoes


2.) “Diaspora” –  7 x 7 A3 plates


3.) “Diaspora” –  a mandala (for world peace) spiralling anticlockwise, shifting from stark black and white to intense colour in the centre.  Gecko symbolism is important.

artwork_geko3 artwork_geko4

4.) variation incorporating script

DSC_0101 DSC_0109

5.)  dragons 2001

dragon2 dragon1












6.) fashion drawings from college years

DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0009

10 responses to “Artwork

  1. For my books, I end up drawing horrible stick figures for the illustrations am interested in, then get my niece to draw them for me. Now I feel bad…

  2. Love your art work. You might want to write also a picture book for kids with illustrations that will use your art work.

  3. I write the stories for Raise the Flag and do the photos between the chapters and for the covers front and back, but I am not much of an artist. For freehand drawing class, I draw flies.

    James More Author of Raise the Flag

  4. Is all the art in the top panels your work? Beautiful and original.

  5. JimJams

    When are you going to do some Dragons? 🙂

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