Liars – Blog No. 60

mugabeRobert Mugabe is a liar.  He is an example of how not to be, as a leader.  That he has already celebrated a victory – a landslide victory – demonstrates his corruption.  He cannot be trusted for one minute.  How can you know you have won an election, for sure, before the votes have even been counted?  When you cheat.  It is that simple.  He has won by a two-thirds majority?  What a load of rubbish.  If only the world could help.  Unfortunately, the world seems powerless when it comes to facing up to a dictator.  This is not good.  In fact, the world looks as bad as he does when it does nothing.  You cannot sit by and watch wrong going on.  You have to say no, any way you can.  Why can the entire country of Zimbabwe not realise that Mugabe’s demented head needs putting to sleep if their fortune is to change?  He is older than the pope, for god’s sake.  His anglicised anger is hilarious to watch – because he does not realise how stupid he looks shouting the same slogans he shouted in 1980.  His pompous hissing and spitting is tired – and very pathetic.  He has outdated views, the wisdom of a circus clown.  Why does he even have followers?  I have to wonder.  Perhaps the only reason is because he is a bully.  The old man is tired – he should be retired and sent to hell.  That is, after all, his destination.  Why does the world not recognise his lack of care for his country, his people?  Those that are not in his pocket, i.e. in ZANU PF, are intimidated or marginalised.  Discriminated against.  Hurt.  How hard is it living a life when you are always fearing retribution for your beliefs?  It is very hard.  That this world has to stand by and watch this absolute miscarriage of justice is pure demonstration that there is something very, very, wrong going on on our planet.

Shouldn’t first world minds be saying to the un-evolved ape that is Robert Mugabe – STOP?  Those countries that can prove success with their governments are in a position to advise those that are too stupid to make their own governments work.  Do you realise how many idiots are running governments on this planet?  It is time this world actually had an opinion.  It is time this world said NO.  Not just no to a ‘democratic’ Zimbabwe’s farcical election, but to so many things that are not going right on this planet.  This place is failing as an example of any sort – understand that.  It’s serious.  I am tired of watching this place implode.  It fills my heart with despair and I hate despair.  It is not a feeling any of us should have to cultivate.




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2 responses to “Liars – Blog No. 60

  1. Again, “The Walk” ( is validated. We are so desperately in need of a global reset. The time for bandaids is long gone!

  2. NO FAIR on us APES 😦 But I agree with your article 🙂

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