In love – Blog No. 85

36873290668578694Qqq3i154cKnow that in love is a sacred place.  It is the secret garden.  It is where miracles take place.  Every person has a key to the door.  It is not easy to find, the door.  In fact, searching for this sacred place will often take you the same way that a rainbow does.  On a chase.  It will be a long chase for many.  Should in love simply happen upon you, consider yourself particularly blessed.  In love can be sudden.  It is a quickening.  You know immediately the first moment it is real for you.  It is possible to become more in love with someone as time goes on.  There are many long-standing relationships that can attest to that.

You cannot manipulate in love, nor can you ‘cure’ it.  It tells you what is going on, not the other way around.  It runs your system when it is first visiting.  Embrace its autonomy.  Once inside you, it can lie dormant and then wake up again at any time, unannounced.  Watch for its surprises.  Should you never have been in love, you are in for a treat when it happens.  Trust that it will happen at least once in your lifetime.  If it has never happened, you need to look at why your walls are built so high.  You cannot feel in love unless you let it in.

In love is probably the most powerful force on the planet.  Love, in itself, is second.  They are not mutually exclusive.  It is perhaps not necessary to love someone and be in love with them, but you cannot be in love and not feel love, too.  That, is impossible.  The nature of what you feel is highly specific, if you take the time to dissect it.  Love is steady, strong.  Solid.   A slow-burner.  It is there, even when its existence is denied.  In love lights a fire.  It is wild, but it softens you.  It attacks your nerves and makes you feel vulnerable.  Love, in itself, is not vulnerable.  Not one bit.  It is delicate, but it is not vulnerable.  Value love in your life.  And treasure in love if you should find it, or if it should find you.  It is not in your repertoire to be ignored.

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