Sensitivity – Blog No. 88

bed-of-nailsYou are sensitive by nature, or you are not.  Psychopaths are not.  They are cynical, cruel, disenchanted with existing.  Conscienceless.  They abuse because they do not care.  Perhaps they are born that way.  Perhaps they are all made.  That matters not.  What matters is that there are a lot of them on this planet.  There is not much you can do to improve a psychopath’s outlook.  They carry within them a hatred that intensifies the longer they live.  It is likely that a psychopath will do damage, young.  I think there are a great many teachers at inner-city schools that are dealing with budding psychopaths on a daily basis.  Is it their job to recognise these lost kids?  And what do you do when you recognise a juvenile psychopath – keep your distance and just hope for the best?  I think that is what many teachers and parents do.  They watch kids being abnormal and they hope for the best.  Please know that ‘normal’ does exist.  It is being able to tell right from wrong.

Sensitivity is both a blessing, and a curse.  Its blessing is that it is a portal.  The curse is its tendency to render the environment hostile.  This overworks your adrenals.  If you are sensitive to all things that go on around you, inside of you and others, you will find living in this world to be something of an ordeal.  Being acutely sensitive is usually acutely painful.  There is a way to deal with this.  You need to manage your sensitivity the way you do your emotions.  Acknowledge it.  But toughen yourself up, or accept that your heart is going to bleed every time you step outside.  This world has a harsh reality.

It is not always possible to measure a person’s level of sensitivity by watching their behaviours.  Don’t make assumptions.  People conceal their feelings and control their reactions.  It depends on who they want to show what.  This usually has something to do with the issue of trust.  Sensitivity is often hidden from view until a firm trust has been established.  Even then, there may not be full disclosure.  It depends on the nature of the relationship you are building and the extent of the damage previously done to both parties.  Sadly, sensitivity is easily damaged.  That is why you must manage it.

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