Society news – Blog No. 31

mindsetWhen a deranged child goes on the rampage with a gun to make society pay for its rejection of him, you begin to appreciate just how deep his need to be ‘seen’ in this superficial world, is, and just how far he will go to get ‘seen’ or ‘heard’ by the mainstream.  Listening to Elliot Rodger outline his plans before executing them bothered me because of that silly ‘evil’ laugh he kept slotting in for effect.  Did he think he was in The Hunger Games?  The rest of his reasoning and ranting was immature to the point of being ridiculous, and it is very sad that innocents have died at the hand of a spurned boy because they did happen to have lives.  Since the occurrence of these shootings is fairly frequent, it would be safe to say that it is time to address the root of the problem rather than merely treating the symptoms.  There are always early warning signs with people who are not right in the head.  Elliot Rodger was not right in the head.  People who are not right in the head are best recognised and sent somewhere that can sort them out.  It is pointless pretending that these people and their problems don’t exist.  If their heads cannot be sorted out, then they should be removed from society, not put back into circulation and given an opportunity to build up a stash of weaponry with which they will exact their revenge on happy others.

Perhaps the sooner society realises that the number of idiots like Elliot Rodger is on the rise, the sooner it will amend its ways and become more inclusive, rather than exclusive.  These Fratt houses cause problems in a lot of peoples’ lives.  I wonder what their purpose is, other than social stratification?  Perhaps parents will realise, too, that having a meaningful conversation with your child once in a while can alleviate – or prevent – a lot of suffering.




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