Stereotyping – Blog No. 37


It is important not to stereotype people, a people.  Stereotyping and assumption are not that far removed from one another.  For instance, you cannot assume that because a man comes from a line of ancestors that believed in the practice of eating humans, he is a ‘savage’ at heart.  You cannot assume any of his ancestors were savages at heart, either.  It is the same to me as calling these communities ‘primitive’ simply because they choose – or chose – to live at one with Nature, pitted against her elements – rather than adapting to the alternative, Christianity, and drowning in the shame that colonisers brought to their shores.  For cannibals, the practice of eating another human being was a very serious business, it was not a wild urge that needed ‘taming’ by the whites.

Stereotyping tends to result in the objectifying of people, a people.  It gives them a label before they have had a chance to show who they are.  If labelled wrongly, a person may become disinclined to show anybody anything.  It does not take long to realise that it is a serious waste of energy trying to convince a prejudiced mind that it is mistaken.  When that prejudiced mindset is eventually exposed – because it will be – there will be no one around who will be bothered to tell that mind the real truth.

Stereotyping is a cop out.  Rather take the time to find out who a person is, and what has shaped them the way they have become.  Judgements are split-second, that is true for most people and it is not easy to refrain from deciding at a glance what a person is about.  You cannot know what a person is about unless you understand what made them the way they are.  The only way to know that, is to ask.  If you do not get an answer, it is likely that you will not understand.


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4 responses to “Stereotyping – Blog No. 37

  1. Dear Sir:
    There is not sublime justice, not having any truth, Bright Quang said.

  2. Dear Sir:
    Each time that will take place for general election of the American president, so the Republican Party is always finding out some of things of Democratic Party in order to fight for supremacy, Republicans House of Representatives should make the American politics chaos in order to throw dust in the Democratic eyes.
    In fact, former President Nixon who did not need some ratification of the Congress of the United States when President Nixon gave an order to sign a peace treaty of the Vietnam War. President Nixon did not trample down International Agreement of the Vietnam War but also betrayed an alliance’s Republic of Vietnam of the United States in order to cut and run the duty and responsibility of Super Americanism.
    For example, not have any Republicans who should find out the mistakes of President Nixon because the United States has betrayed Republic of Vietnam. Our nation has been destroyed Vietnam land for nearby forty years in the past and betrayed the Southern Officers again. Obviously, no have any American Congressmen who may consider to the Southern Soldiers and officers were sent to jail by the Vietnam Communists, the United States did not give them to get any benefits prison Insurance.
    Now, Republican Party self takes off the shirt gives people seeing its back. Therefore, the impeach Obama of Republican party can not take place within two years in the future.

    • Difficult to stay fighting in Vietnam for USA, and before the USA France is helping in Vietnam. Many people want peace and the expense of war is another issue. We learn to have clear goal and an exit strategy and look what happens in Iraq. So out best efforts do not prevail. We must not do or must do better, and certainly a different approach. Education is the answer to using reasoning rather than ignorance of aggression.

  3. Slander and threats are what I hear, like psychological terrorist in the minds of many spreading fears. Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms, do not judge this book by the cover before you look inside at the photos and read the stories about this author’s struggle on his journey for education, purpose, and career, leading to making this book.

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