Tampering – Blog No. 40


Is it necessary for scientists to generate a 3-parent child?  Like is it necessary to generate a bunny that glows in the dark?  I wonder.  I can see how tempting it is to tamper with natural processes, how invaluable such enterprise can occasionally be, but perhaps it is best to say that certain things – like procreation – really should be left to themselves.

Tampering with Nature has widespread implications.  Genetically modifying anything is a risky business.  What if what you generate a mutant that needs putting down because it turns out to be dangerous?  What are the ethics there?  Natural selection is not a waste of time.  It is not a process that mankind can improve upon.  Keep that in mind.

Tampering is usually the result of impatience.  Historically, mankind has been impatient to know the ins and outs of absolutely everything.  Curiosity is a huge advantage.  Impatience is not.  There is no need to second-guess Nature, or chase her up.  Everything happens exactly when it should.  If you will stick your fingers in pies that are still cooking, you will burn.  It’s simple.

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