Corners – Blog No. 54


The best way to ensure that you are never surprised by what is around your corner is to ensure that there are no corners on your road. This is possible with enough forward planning. In any case, whatever would be around a corner – should a corner appear – is only what you have projected, for yourself. Therefore, it can be readily handled. You need only your wits, your instincts and the ability to think straight.

Cornerstones, on the other hand, are things you should want to find along your road. The more cornerstones you come across, the more solid your foundations. The same could be said for anchors. A cornerstone need not sit in a corner, nor must a foundation be fixed. It depends on what you are building.

Cutting corners is a fast way to go nowhere. Short-cuts are not necessary if you know where you are going. If you should conjure up corners for yourself to encounter, know that it is possible to pass them by without having them turn on you. Their turning depends on whether you allow yourself to become distracted by their promise.

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  1. Nice to see a neatly made made with comfortable but firm cushion in the mattress, fresh linens and pillows, and without bedbugs, lice, mice, spiders, ants, June bugs, May flies, mosquitoes, bull snakes, skunks, raccoon, and worst of all are the restless redneck natives in pickups, on dirt bikes and three wheel ATVs circling and raising the dust while they yell slanders and curses. After sleeping outside on park benches, on the ground when I must, in a cot for a few years, I learn to appreciate a neatly made bed.

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