Conversations – Blog No. 65


Wednesday 16th January 2008

Dear G

Hi.  How are you?  You’re the strange one, asking me what studies when I’ve spoken about them twice in your presence.  Perhaps you didn’t realise what exactly I was saying?  When I spoke about having read a lot about Africa these past two years, the troubles since Independence was rolled out in the sixties, the dictatorships, the madmen, the LRA and Joseph Kony and Charles Taylor and Mobutu and Idi Amin and and and, I said also that I’d taken a particular disliking to human rights abuses around the globe and had a real issue with the subject.  That led me on to reading about genocide and the inefficacy of the UN and the Security Council and the World Bank and the IMF and structural adjustment failures, the pathos of the United States Government in these situations and then on to the oil!  Arabs and the Janjaweed militia and the Taliban and its muslim fundamentalism and home-grown fanatics and then over to my inability to understand this UK society in which I have found myself immersed these past years and my determination to get some sort of a handle of societies worldwide first, and then try and get a handle on the world at large.  I am distressed at the discord.  I fail to understand the lack of goodwill – it would appear – left in our world and I want to do something about it. I am not entirely sure what, but thought that educating myself further – or ‘officially’ on the subject (s) might help.  I intend to use my writing, whatever, but also have to work on that because having had to take the long way around and teach myself, it’s a slow process.  All trial and error.
I wonder, did you think that all that travelled between my ears was perfumed air?  That I was just a silly little girl with emotions as my only friends?  Well, perhaps you wouldn’t have been wrong there.  She certainly is part of me.  But just a part.  Oh no.  Please don’t tell me you fell for the blue-eyed blonde hat-trick?  Methinks in part you did.  The conditioning would dictate it.  She is part of it.  But also, just a part.  The real heat in me is deep.  The heart of my heart rages against global injustice and abuse.  I get furiously angry at the plight of millions of children in this ravaged world.  I hiss and spit when faced with the media spotlight on one missing child in Portugal and hear of the millions of pounds raised to aid in her recovery.  What about the thirty thousand-odd mothers and fathers in the blackest of Africa whose children were taken from them and trained to become child soldiers fighting for resistance armies?  Raped, tortured, enslaved.  Corrupted and stained.  Broken.  And thousands of children in Africa are STILL being abducted in this day and age – after twenty years.  What’s going on?  Why are the feelings of the Mc Canns so much more valuable than those of some arbitrary black family that survives on about $1.00 a day or something as ridiculous?  A missing child is a missing child.  It’s obscene.  The balance is so far out that societal conscience is teetering precariously and seems just about to fall torn into its own abyss.  Is there a saving grace?  Of course there is.  It’s the constant.  It is accessible, just not that visible unless using one’s peripheral vision.  Or perhaps we can rely on the wave of a new generation of Indigo and Crystal children to smile beatifically and head over to Palestine to sort out the middle east crisis over milk and cookies?  Who knows.  Perhaps they will be the real peace-keepers.  Pity it’s going to take another twenty years for them to come of age.  In that short space of time this world will be on fire.  The Super Powers are defunct in their accountability and as nations that should know better it is devastating to watch them refusing to open their arms to those nations that know nothing.  Nevermind the calamity of climate change!  Climate change as clear and evident market failure.  Commodities we all share but do not pay for as such – natural, if you like – used and abused with scant regard for bequest.  It is bound to end in disaster.

I’m listening to Darshan: Awakening.  The sun is crisp in the clean blue sky and there is a serious chill in the air.  All in all, a perfect English winter morning.  My cats Simon and Derek were allowed out yesterday for the first time since our move.  It was raining but I decided to stand outside with them while they felt their way around.  It was a joy to see their pupils dilated, their tails flicking and their whiskers twitching as they went into sense overload after being cooped up for 6 weeks.  This morning I repeated the process and stood out in the sunshine with them, watching as they scampered from bush to bush, spraying their scent and spreading their saliva on the lower leaves of just about every shrub.  Their excitement was palpable.  Cats are my muse.  I’ve known this always.  I have to have one around at all times, two even better.  I spend hours watching their activity, or lack of activity, as it happens.  Their ability to entertain without even trying gives me endless hours of pleasure.  As far as aloofness goes, my cats tend to maintain a certain level of deliberate disdain, but it’s meaningless really – as soon as I converse with  them they drop the act and come rubbing against my legs, shouting their feelings at me with upturned faces, smiling mouths.  One black cat, I have, and one white.  I thought this interesting the other day, wondering whether my selection was subconscious.  Whether it was yin and yang, perhaps, or whether it is about wanting no grey areas.  I’m not sure.  I like to think I choose my cats in the same way I choose stones, crystals.  I wait.  I see which energy it is that draws me to it and only then do I go to it and make my choice.
Instinct in this regard has always served me well.  We always commune.
Oh that voice inside.  How quiet.  How wise.  In time, when it knows what it is saying, it will speak out loud.  Until such time, every atom of me is filling slowly, storing information and although the assimilation of said information is not yet happening consciously, I know that subconsciously my brain is working on it.  I’m taking it all in.  In due course I will deconstruct it and reconstitute it and then I will use it as a tool.  Patience.  ‘Patience shows you have a true sense on mind’.  That was the message on the scroll you brought me from Hong Kong.  All those years ago.  Seems you knew something too.  It’s already written in the stars, so like that saying says, shoot for the moon and if you miss it doesn’t matter for you will land amongst the stars..

I have got to go.  I am being fetched this afternoon by Susan, a woman I used to work with.  We are going to have chat about my circumstances and she is going to assist me with the task of making lists.  I am not usually a list person, I commit everything to memory.  But in this instance, I thought it wise to establish a written plan and follow it.  A life firmly on the ground needs planning and strategy, not the snatching of reactions from the hands of capricious winds.

I hope to have my internet working again soon and will write you of my news.


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2 responses to “Conversations – Blog No. 65

  1. Dear friendships of the Vietnam War:
    If you understand about the Vietnam War, you should together me petition to the United States Court in order to follow The United States that should compensate the Imprisoned Benefits Insurances for the Vietnamese American prisoners of the Vietnam War to following with Title 50 Legal Information Institute Sec. 1541. Purpose and policy. 1542. Consultation; initial and regular consultations. 1543. Reporting requirement. 1544. Congressional action. 1545. Because this war was approved by the American congress to be the law, we base on this law to petition to the United States Court in order to recapture our benefits since the Kissinger has declared that he said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.”
    We ought to follow the United States Constitution, the Universal Declaration and the United States veterans and the United States labor of laws. I, Bright Quang, have been researching the laws of the United States Constitution in order to petition to the United States Court because former President Bush’s son has said, ‘The South did not fight for their freedom which is why they did not have it today,” And therefore, we could not fight for the American justice, we could not have any benefits in the past since the United States Congress has the one hundred percents approved to the Vietnam War and High House has the eighty percent approved to the Vietnam War. Next, we did not have any healthcare benefits since we had serviced for the United States interests since we were young, we have serviced for the Vietnam War of the United States when we are older we did not have any benefits of the Vietnam War because the United States of America has left us on the battlefield, let our enemy revenge us and our American government was maltreated us again.
    In conclusion, as we know, we were lost for one quarter of our income works of the ten quarters’ works, we did not earn any benefits of retirement since the United States of America did not count any of our works in the past when our younger life has been serviced for the American government interests, in the end, and we are squeezed for the lemon juice, then thrown the skin. As we know that the United States has given us come here in order to nourish for the Vietnamese communists because the code of the United States of America interests, but not have any right interests of our Vietnamese officers. Ironically, when we were put in many concentration camps by the United States of America betraying us. We did not only break up our family, our children were unlearned children because the Vietnamese communists did not give any attention to the schools in order to study. Our properties were nationalized by the communist government and since, the Americans have freely been enrolling for many universities in order to open mind, but our children were unlearned. Moreover, the American people are freely making money and developing their civilization, so we were lost in all. Finally, we ought to fight for imprisoned benefits Insurance that we are oath loyalty to the United States Constitution without betrayed men of the American citizens.
    Bright Quang

  2. . Since coming to the United States, he graduated a Bachelor degree in art in CSU East Bay in Hayward in 2003 and earned Non Profit Management in 2012 at California State University East Bay, Hayward. Significantly, he has been exhibiting his pieces of artwork in the United States for many times and publishing his the fifteen books. Give consideration to his books, he’s created an human doctrine of noble true, which is cast into his book’s “How Good Should I Dream.”
    How Good Should I Dream of Bright Quang, a Vietnamese-American creator, opens new way of his life’s Happiness, Source of life, and Sorrow in order to bury the hatchet. However, his acknowledge is limited, but his life is limitless of ambition. Therefore, he has made up the Five Rights in order to control oneself and his five rights are of the Right Thoughtfulness, the Right Love, the Right Forgiveness, the Right Struggle, and the Right Independence. These paths will carry on him to be true value that means of him to be peacefully without hate and animosity in the world because we must reap what we have sown. His way will stay in his heart, mind and brain when he thought that his mother was given a birth him by a hard times. Therefore, he loves human being that is look-alike his own. He always struggles to avoid the slavery. He has said, “Perform justice, which is peaceful, but anti-justice, as demagogy.” Because he was put a label of a mental case on his head by the American power, he is expressed his education and said, “Wisdom must be won the injustice power.”
    Finally, his life dreams creating book of per year should be able to donate part of the rest of his life to mankind, because its happiness looked like his own. Its source of life is as important as his life, and its sorrow looked like his own.
    • • Man of Suffering Shares His Light with the World
    Civil Rights of US – Page 82 – Google Books Result

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