Prioritising – Blog No. 8


Should you find yourself unable to prioritise one objective over another at this moment it is not the end of the world. Figuratively it could be a train-smash, but that is another story entirely.  Depression is one thing that has an impact on a person’s ability to prioritise.  It enables them to manage life in a different way by allowing time to address smaller issues that otherwise may have gone unnoticed or been left unattended.  This might occasionally mean that the choices made by a depressive are not easy to comprehend.  It is vital to know what is most important to some depressives if you would understand their motivation in life, their actions.  And it helps to know that actions and words in this context have equal standing.

Managingone’s priorities can be a taxing process.  It depends how many priorities you have.  If you should find yourself with a few, it is often simpler to address them in slow-release motion.  Like the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  There is a way to decide which part of the elephant to start with and there is a way to choose which priorities are most pressing.  It is called triage.  Once you become an expert at assessing which priorities to prioritise first, you will be able to spell the word ‘triage’.

I would suggest that every person’s first priority in these fractured times should be improving.  Improve yourself, improve others, improve anyone you meet when given the chance.  You will know if you have been given a chance when you meet the eyes of the people you may encounter.  They will either open their hearts to you or they won’t.  That is their choice.  Mr Gandhi once said something akin to:  ‘If you do not see God in the eyes of the next person you meet, do not look any further.’

Now that I understand his words, I would perhaps add to them.  That is no blasphemy.  It is proactive thinking.  You do not need permission to think in a proactive fashion.  I would add:  ‘… – unless you can read minds.  If you can do that then keep looking.’

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