Love Letters

African Moon



If my heart was a mosaic of today’s predominant sentiments

it would be a mosaic of pain. Patchworked pain.

That does not detract from its beauty. In fact, it adds to it.

It would be a deep red colour, tinged with shadows and shine.

Like a polished blood diamond.

If my heart was a stained glass window in a cathedral

it would depict an array of multicoloured saints carrying Jesus on their shoulders.

Not unlike a casket. Or a hero.

It would have the backdrop of the sunrise behind an apple tree.

That sunrise symbolises freedom.

If my heart was a pure reflection of humanity, humankindness,

it would be a hall of mirrors, not seven years’ bad luck.

Mirror halls will distort your features, but that is not a problem.

The problem is when looking-glasses lie.

That is when they shatter.

What my heart is, it is. At times it has an elastic capacity.

At others it doesn’t.

A full heart beats steadily, slowly, in no rush to rush anyone in Love.

Love’s lore is not unlike that of the ocean.

i.e. it is a secret.

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