Love Letters



Love is one word that definitely suggests unity.

Magic is one word that explains Love.

If you cannot spell magick properly that is just as well, it is safer that way.

Why they call it ‘falling’ in Love is another question.

Why?  Perhaps it’s a parachute.

Your body cannot lie.  A heart is a finely tuned instrument.

When it spells Love the way it should be spelt you will know.

You will feel it.

Like you can feel goosebumps, rising, without eyes.

Let your being, be.  Let your heart love.  It is safer that way.

A message meant to be sent is always received.

When it is received by the right conductor it helps.

When it isn’t, it won’t.  Love is like that.

She is selective when it comes to her representatives.

And she has every right to be.

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