The Heart – Blog No. 2


The first thing to remember when it comes to heart, is that if you do not have one do not pretend that you do.  That kind of a lie will haunt you for the rest of your lives.

End of story.

Get a heart – use it wisely – and get a life.  Easy.


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3 responses to “The Heart – Blog No. 2

  1. Good to read you writing and doing photos too, Cathy. Tell me some of your stories, and then publish the book.

    • Thanks, James. My work is my joy. I have many stories. How much time do you have? And which book? The one I wrote in 1999 and then completed – although I have not signed off on the proof – in 2013?

      Take care. I hope you are not still living under a bridge.

      • I am not under a bridge. I camp in a tent for several years, over a decade of pain and punishment, and I ride a bicycle. The political righteous continue to kick me, curse, threaten, and slander me and try to make me do bad things because they do so well and they live so much better. Now they bait me to do something for others like I owe them for their social programs and for camping outside so to force their religion upon me, so to make me bad for writing stories and publishing this book, Raise The Flag: Lean Thy Arms, and for doing photos like I am guilty for doing those things. Of course, you experience this in South Africa and nazi Germany does this to many, and blames the jewish and English, French, Polish, Czecks, and Russians, and everyone, while they rob the world of peace on earth so they live so well.

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