I recall reading something in the bible about showing mercy to strangers.
I kept at it.

My pastor made me learn a hard lesson well.
After saying I was Methodist to avoid having catechism
and then reciting their washed-out mantra twice,
I traded religions with every stranger I met.
I still do.
If religion really is the be-all and end-all it’s rumoured to be,
then why the hoo-hah palava when it must answer questions about following itself?
Aren’t we all held accountable in the end?
Hypocrisy is not something we should aspire to teach children.
They must inherit this earth, our legacy.
They should understand from inception what they are getting.

If karma is as foolproof as beauty, then it can explain without flinching
whether Germany was the chicken, or the egg.
The difference is:
whether Israelites made scripted mistakes in times gone by
whether their scripts were not their mistakes.
Blasphemy is relative. So is religion.
It depends on your perception, your life-experience and what you make of sensation.
(and to some extent, your small-mindedness).
Whatever your understanding, your demi-god righteousness, your agenda,
I reserve the human right to question
any belief,
any religion,
any god,
any person,
and any single thing
that/what/who (delete as applicable)
avoids giving answers.
I question everything. That is my responsibility to myself.
That is our responsibility to these children roaming lonely their ransacked savannahs.
Do not sit in your government pockets and shout for reformation when your proletariat is emotionally and psychologically bankrupt.
You have traded their dreams for a £3 bottle of vodka.
Throw the glass through the first window you find on the high street
or toss its empty contents over your salt shoulder when you finish.
It should smash some sense into what’s left of Siberia.

I lost my first angel to this crazy black lady wailing in our ditch
(my mistaken assumption, her craziness had nothing to do with the wailing)
and I have been watching everyone, since, try to flee Jesus.
I believe he was cast off – within and without – with good reason:
for the sake of the human race.
He has worn a crown of thorns before, and ever since.

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