Africans have indabas.
Braves have pow-wows.
Princesses find peas.
Aborigines dream.
Mayans tell time.
China kills rhinos.
Nature hates that.
Russians love vodka.
Look.  The French are sex.  
And coffee.  And cigarettes.
Rome, romance.
The Church is a w.i.p.
The Italians are passion.
I like their style.  
Gangsters can rap.  Theirs’ is wisdom.
Vampires just are.
Sirens sing.
Fairies bless.
Devils dominate.
Angels fall.
Americans spend.
Jews save.  They have a debt of gratitude to pay.  Many died, but many more lived.
The Swiss protect.
Der Schweiz banks.
Maoris haka.
Eskimos kiss.
Egyptians evolve.
Tunisians pray.
Mexico is tequila.
Columbians cry coffee.
Sparta is Sparta.
The Czech(er)board, truth.

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