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They are redressing the inconvenience of nuclear power.
Doesn’t matter that people keep exploding.
Personally, I would never have built a reactor next to a tsunami.
But then, that’s just me.
Had the whales a say, they might have decided differently.
They would perhaps not have built Japan at all.
Do you know how many mothers it has stolen from the sea?
It’s heart still carries cherry blossom, though, and that helps.
Those fisher-guys in Polynesia dynamiting snakes for handbags
and selling palau eggs should be freed from their peculiar brand of slavery. 
They were not exactly earning a decent living 
whilst this first world dictated the selling of their souls.
A continent.  A sacred space, being wasted.
Has no one realised the universal fire still conspires 
with bushmen and buffalo,
rock art and rabies,
No land elsewhere gets quite under your skin, like this one.
Fireflies chase the night.
Aloes remind me of cacti, crowns of thorns in a wide sky.
Elephants do remember, even that massacre.
Death richochets behind their eyes, shrapnel flies.
The Tribal Eye sees them, it sees you.
Each one.
Did you forget that the dead never forget?
They have learned to do this remembering, from experience.
Do you think they played spin-the-bottle with our continent?
If so, they will kiss themselves, now.  For the truth.
We get to yonder borders.  That is what CNN says.  
So let’s buy ourselves a stolen passport.  Do what ABC says.
It would be good to see the networks fail when trying to follow their own advice.
We shouldn’t be pissed off?
Why is that, exactly?
Because we are bigger than that.
We are bigger than them.
Ours was never their land.  

One response to “TOXIC WASTE

  1. content important, rhythm kicking; very fine work; thanks for sharing.

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