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Appearances – Blog No. 14


Yes.  They can occasionally be misleading.  If you are a blind and insentient being.  If you have side-lined your wild, your intuition – your base instincts – you have failed yourself.  And fundamentally – for you – that is a major fuck up.  Personally, I would suggest that fuck-ups are what to read about and to learn from, they are not what to be.  Occasionally it is necessary to do ‘fuck up’ for the sake of our collective health, but fortunately that doing does not come around too often.  When it does – you do it without question.  Not because you are obliged to.  Not because you are being bribed, or blackmailed.  You do it – because firstly, you can – and you do it because it is the right thing to do.  Has everyone on this planet forgotten how to do what is right?

When you are managing your days correctly, you will not have to put up with appearances.  Nor will you have to keep them up.  Appearances are for those who cannot face themselves.  It is a shame for the people who need their masks to get by in life.  Their concealment means they will not get the chance to face themselves – and their truth – again.

If you make an appearance that matters, make it worthwhile or don’t bother.  I tend towards grand gestures.  Hence the reason I do what I do, as well as I do.

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