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Worldly – Blog No. 24


Are you worldly wise?  Do you tap into – and take maximum advantage of – all the ways of this world at every given opportunity?  Or do the ways of this world confuse you?  More importantly, when tempted to tap in and take what you can from the planet in the smash-and-grab pattern that mankind seems to favour, do you question your own integrity when you choose to take that advantage?  Any decent human should.  The world is not here for your convenience.  It is not here to be taken advantage of.  If you should have any sense of morality you will probably find the notion of taking advantage of anything objectionable, but there are numerous ways in which even decent people overcome their strongest objections to exploitation when they happen to be involved in said exploitation and it happens to suit their future agenda.  The sternest advocates of ‘fair play’ and those committed to ‘sustainable resources’ are quick to swallow their words and hide their objections when faced with the prospect of missing out on the benefits that less scrupulous members of society seem to enjoy when they take time to take maximum advantage of everything that is on offer.

Worldly weary is another term with which many of us are familiar.  I would hazard a guess that at least three quarters of the people inhabiting this planet are in some way worldly weary, i.e. tired of life.  That does not surprise me.  It is difficult to find motivation to be as light-hearted as you need to be in a world like this – a place filled with bigots, sick idiots and the ubiquitous hater.  It is hard to bother to care about anything at all, when faced with the kind of annihilation that humankind is keen to visit upon the only home it will ever have.  It is a challenge for a great many people to find enough inspiration in their everyday to stay alive and fight for the future when there is little in this environment that inspires a love of life.  Our understanding is that life is a chore:  the best human beings can do is to get through it.  Do or die – at least there is an alternative.  It is time humans understood that their love of destruction is not only contagious, but dangerously addictive to every successive generation.  It is an epidemic.  As are warring, hatred and pain.  Soon we will all be begging to see the end of days instead of any resurrection.  What – if anything – is the point in resurrecting anything that hates itself as much as this world evidently does?  There is no point.  That is like trying to wake a dead dog to make it eat.


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