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Blog No. 17 – Self-restraint


Whether or not there is ever going to be a xenocide, it cannot be said. What there can be is an extra dose of self-restraint in those that feel they have a bone – or two – yet to pick. Is it not one thing to believe that the unknown is a threat needing dealing with before it has even happened, and yet another to know that your choice to show restraint in the face of this threat is a clear demonstration of tolerance?

When the criminals looking for a criminal opportunity decide to use ‘xenophobic attacks’ as collateral in a war established long before the foreign nationals became targets, the label ‘xenophobic’ itself becomes redundant. A phobia is a fear. Often, a pathological fear. The men that were responsible for Emmanuel Sithole’s murder did not look frightened to me.

I suppose what I have often felt saddened by is that it would seem that despite history’s depredations and our collective recognition of them – people continue to try to oppress others better than they themselves were oppressed – as if that is some sort of achievement. To me – that is obscene. I would expect that those who held a position of power would have used that power to liberate. First themselves – which would be perfectly understandable – and then the rest of mankind.

When a person turns to lend a geniune hand – to make legitimate¬†amends – time stands still for the recipient(s). In light of this, there is always time for a kindness. What you give is what you get. When you give, you get, you see. When you don’t, you won’t.

Life really is that simple.

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