First blog about me

I write contemporary fiction.  I employ various genres in my self-expression.  I am passionate about the gothic and have an interest in metaphysics, magic, art, mysticism, alchemy and the senses.  I believe there are more than six senses.  I have three works open at the moment and spend each day creating, whether it be a small amount – or to a large degree.  I am intrigued by social dynamics and find the human condition to be the most fascinating experience.


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3 responses to “First blog about me

  1. Victor

    Kathy….or more properly CJ is it now???
    What an AWESOME surprise.
    Truly can’t wait to dig deeper. I promise you the real-time response to what you reveal.
    I still hold close the picture of sunrise on Mt Sinai, and details of your brush with Monestary of St. Catherine. Real-time….Catherine…..hmmmmmm..
    talk again soon…???
    Merry Christmas for sure!

  2. JimJams

    Very impressive.. can’t wait to read more of your work 🙂

  3. Francesco Germi

    Coccaaaaaaaaaa all this is amazing!!!

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