Karma – Blog No. 2

karmaI wish on eyelashes.  I believe in the greater good.  I trust karma to send our lessons.  I think karma gives an excellent explanation of  being.  If you understand exactly what karma is, what it means.  What you do in your now will affect your past.  Therefore, it will affect your future.  If the past changes, the future changes.  You can bend your destiny.  Karma is searching, like everything else.  She searches for equilibrium.  Trust that.  Trust that you have a future past that is coming at you and trust that you can change it by modifying your present tense.
We are free to take whatever is given.  Take lessons, and learn.  That is our purpose.


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3 responses to “Karma – Blog No. 2

  1. jason piper

    Nicely worded! I trust my intuition and watch my karma veryyy closely!

  2. cmarandawrites

    Amen to this wonderful post. I think a lot of people forget about karma.

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