The Magic Triangle – Blog No. 9

Triangle_2560In the magic triangle – the golden triangle – the perfect triangle – the two make the third, the third is one, and the one is two.  Or, one is three.  It’s the same as the father, the son, and the holy ghost.  Trinity.  The entity – the extention of yourselves – that is created with the union of two people.  That entity becomes a ‘third’ person in your relationship, no matter who you are with or what you are doing with them.  You have to realise that a love deep enough and profound enough will build in you, and independent of you, another.  Have you ever asked yourself why you married, got involved?  If you can look your partner square in the eye and explain to each other the reasons for your togetherness then you can laugh when you understand that in part you were hoping for someone to bring you up.  In our world, too many women are married to too many men for the wrong reasons.  I am not sure if men ever marry for the wrong reasons?  Aren’t men strong enough to say yes, or no, to a woman and mean it?  Or perhaps that’s not about strength?  Perhaps it’s about their propensity for straight-talk.  They are better at straight-talk than any woman I have met.  Women talk in circles.  Their concept of communication is different to that of a man.  Often when a woman tells you she is fine, she is not fine.  You have to learn to understand her language.  Fine means ‘you had better check with me in a minute what my problem is otherwise I am going to make it yours’.  When a man tells you he is fine, he IS fine.  So there is woman-fine, and man-fine.  Women must speak 23 000 words a day.  Men feel the need to use 3 000.  That says a lot.

We need to use our relationships wisely.  Each one is there to teach us something about ourselves.  Learn yourself through others.  You will learn more from that than from listening to your inner Narcissus.


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2 responses to “The Magic Triangle – Blog No. 9

  1. A man can only say no to a woman in whom he has no interest.

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