Celebrate – Blog No. 68

Celebrate_2Celebrate that inside you somewhere is your genius.  We all have one.  Some.  We all have an idiot as well.  It is better to pay attention to finding out who and what your genius is, and how it wishes to express itself, than it is listening to your inner idiot.  We are tempted from time to time to let the idiot guide and it should be said that because this leads us to idiocy, it is preferable to follow your fool.  The fool – when trusted – guides the right way.  The fool leaps.

It is important to celebrate your being.  That is not always easy, in fact sometimes we forget altogether that we are immaculate creatures and we ought to be pleased – if not amazed – to be alive.  We are not without flaws and we are not without complications, complexities, but we are remarkable as reflections of the generations that preceded us and we are pretty impressive as communicators of the meaning of life.  The meaning in your every day is clear when you watch your day unfold for you.  You do not need to feel nervous about the pace at which life flies by.  Some of your day will be predictable – you must eat, for instance.  You must sleep.  Some of your day will come as a surprise.  A chance encounter – a compliment, an insult.  It must be this way.  Even though tomorrow technically does not exist, for the sake of exercising foresight you need to know that your tomorrows are anchored in your todays and how you react to your todays shapes your tomorrows.  Not everybody has foresight.  Those who are destitute cannot plan.

It’s Friday.  Celebrate that.  The week is over and done with.  No matter who you are you cannot tell me there is nothing for you to celebrate.  When you look hard enough, there is always something in life to celebrate.  If you cannot find anything in your life to inspire you to celebration then perhaps think about the fact that your planet is sustaining you.  That – if you are a human being – is reason enough to have a fiesta.

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