Excitement – Blog No. 69

excitementWhen was the last time you felt pure excitement?  Not anticipation – or lust – but excitement.  It is a vital emotion to feel.  You are not more alive than when you are excited.  The flutter in your heart will tell you when that is.  If you have people in your life that do not excite you, that is your problem.  You must make new acquaintances.

People can excite you with their ideas, their thoughts.  Their expression.  Excitement can be channelled forwards and it can be contagious.  It is worth cultivating in your days.  How do you make a people excited about being alive?  How do you turn a vague interest in living into a passion for every single day that is gifted?  There is only one way.  You explain to a people that unless they change radically the way they are approaching their future, they are doomed.  On every level.  Fortunately for those who are determined to carry on as if they are not in any way responsible for the state of this Earth’s nerves, there is time yet to turn things around for themselves.  Nature is patient.  That is the good news.

Surround yourself with options that stimulate your interest in life.  There are many.  Do not be lazy about finding out what stimulates you.  Excitement is one of them.  Find it, and make use of it.  If you find reason to feel excited about absolutely nothing, then that is even better.






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