Indoctrination – Blog No. 6

child-indoctrinationIndoctrination should be outlawed.  Really.  Parents need to stop labelling their children into a life fraught with complications because they are forced to follow their parents’ paths.  A child should be taught how to think critically from an early age and this training does entail parents refraining from shoving their religious or political ideologies down their children’s throats.  Fois gras comes to mind.  It’s cruel.

It is child abuse.  Get this into your heads.  To prevent a child from thinking freely is not only abusive, it is possibly the biggest disservice you do – collectively – to your world.  You have too many people following in their grandparents‘ footsteps, for gods’ sake.  The world is quite a way different to what it was in their day.  Departing from ancient traditions is for some people like giving up their doo-doo blanket.  That fact is endearing and it needs respecting.

Understandably, indoctrination has been going on for so long now, it is not going to be an easy vice for the next generation to give up.  But give it up, they must.  Millions of people on this planet are addicted to it and millions of people are harmed by its pestilence.  If you want to believe that Jesus is carrying your sins, then by all means, do that.  If you need to believe that Jesus is carrying your sins, then you have a problem.  The same applies to all religions, faiths.  They are all stalled, stuck in a rut.  None of the gods have had anything new to say for a very long time now and the thing is, the devotees are very ready for conversation.  They have questions.  All of them.


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3 responses to “Indoctrination – Blog No. 6

  1. Excellent blog post. I totally agree with everything you said. You didn’t need to know that maybe, but it makes me feel better to know someone else thinks like me and to say so. Have a great weekend.

  2. Goodwill is harder spread than a big barn full of manure.

  3. Listen, son. Don’t you do as I do. You do as I tell you. You need to use your education and do something. The Roman religion tries to own you by your soul and they get in your head. The Protestant rats do the same thing from the opposite side.

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