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The Crux – Blog No. 22


The Crux of the matter refers usually to the heart of the matter, its core. The basis of anything. When you head to the crux of anything, you are very likely to find a positive outcome, i.e. a solution. That is because you choose to begin in the right place, which is at the beginning. It can be productive to start elsewhere – like half-way between the problem and the solution – but a solution does not usually present itself to those who use short-cuts.

The Crux is also the other name for The Southern Cross, visible with the naked eye on clear nights in southern skies. It has been guiding sailors – and natives – for just about ever. It is important that you have The actual Crux when you start your search, or when you look to the sky for guidance. There is another cross – The False Cross – in the universal soup. You do not want to be reading directions from that.

It would seem that although ‘crux’ stems from Latin, it has travelled, too, via the Scandinavians and other interpreters of the time. Therefore it has different meanings, depending on why it is used, and by whom. In a literal sense for Christians, a ‘crux’, or ‘cross’, is a stark reminder of where Jesus ended his days. To someone other than that, it is not. It is reminiscent of a kiss in the night sky.


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Indoctrination – Blog No. 6

child-indoctrinationIndoctrination should be outlawed.  Really.  Parents need to stop labelling their children into a life fraught with complications because they are forced to follow their parents’ paths.  A child should be taught how to think critically from an early age and this training does entail parents refraining from shoving their religious or political ideologies down their children’s throats.  Fois gras comes to mind.  It’s cruel.

It is child abuse.  Get this into your heads.  To prevent a child from thinking freely is not only abusive, it is possibly the biggest disservice you do – collectively – to your world.  You have too many people following in their grandparents‘ footsteps, for gods’ sake.  The world is quite a way different to what it was in their day.  Departing from ancient traditions is for some people like giving up their doo-doo blanket.  That fact is endearing and it needs respecting.

Understandably, indoctrination has been going on for so long now, it is not going to be an easy vice for the next generation to give up.  But give it up, they must.  Millions of people on this planet are addicted to it and millions of people are harmed by its pestilence.  If you want to believe that Jesus is carrying your sins, then by all means, do that.  If you need to believe that Jesus is carrying your sins, then you have a problem.  The same applies to all religions, faiths.  They are all stalled, stuck in a rut.  None of the gods have had anything new to say for a very long time now and the thing is, the devotees are very ready for conversation.  They have questions.  All of them.


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Motivation vs Intention – Blog No. 44

10-motivational-quotes-kick-start-large-msg-134307587259Please understand the difference between motivation and (best) intentions.  You want to be working with your motivation rather than your intentions.  Intentions are sweet.  They mean well.  But it is too easy to shrug off responsibility by saying, ‘… sorry, but I meant well.  It didn’t happen, but I hoped it would.’  Meaning well is not good enough.  It is like making a promise that you have no intention of keeping.  It is admirable, because you are thinking with your heart, but it is simply not good enough.  You have to understand the why of doing something.  Then you will know your motivation.  When you know your motivation you can decide straight away if it is pure, or not.  Your motivation needs to be pure.  Whatever it is that you are doing.  Pure motivation makes magic, miracles happen.

When you operate from a place of openness, of trust, you will see that your world becomes lighter and easier to manage.  Things begin to happen the way you need them to happen.  When you trust the universe, Nature, Karma, The Spirits, The Dead, Providence, God, the gods, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, yourself, your mind, your soul or Allah, whomever, whatever – you will find that your purpose on this planet becomes clearer to you.  It is through trusting that you learn to let go.  Letting go shows you a clearer picture of who it is that you are, it is a process that defines you.  There is a part of yourself that you must let go of each time you share of yourself, each time you tell another person your secrets.  And we all have secrets – do not pretend for one minute that there is not something in your life you would rather no-one knew.  Secrets are fine – if you feel safer keeping them – just do not lie to yourself about who you truly are.  Trust that your heart knows only pure motivation.  You have to act with pure motivation when you have opened your life to another.  That is best for both of you.  You have to be aware of the world around you flooding into that opening, when you open up.  When you choose to open your heart you will be physically affected.  The body responds in kind.  It is most important to evaluate your whys when you do what you do.  When you understand your whys you will feel empowered to act for the right reasons and be brave enough to follow your heart without fearing or feeling vulnerable.  Know there is no point in acting for a bad reason – karma will kick you for that.

Motivation is a driving force that affects every single one of us, every single day.  You will either be bothered, or you won’t.  If you won’t be bothered about anything:  about life, about people, about animals, about the environment, about your state of mind – then you need to change your life.  There is no question.  You have to find something to be bothered about.  Even if it is just staying alive.  A lot of people have that bother.  Life does not inspire in them much enthusiasm for living.  A lot of people exist in this limbo-land between living and not-living.  There is a fine line between alive and dead, and a fine line between genius and madness.  A very fine line.  I think the world needs to wake up to the reality that schizophrenics on this planet are not called ‘revolving doors’ for nothing.  In and out, in and out.  Their consciousness.  They are not in control of their aspects, at all.  Their minds are bent by hallucination, their realities warped by the projections of their minds.  They believe everything their minds tell them, which is a worry.  Like those who drink to blackout.  Where is your consciousness during that time and what is driving you – purely your subconscious?  It is interesting.  People are interesting when they substance-abuse.  I think this world needs to wake up to the fact that there are a lot of young people – in fact, a lot of people – escaping this reality because they find it intolerable.  Would the governments not be serving us better if they tidied up the reality?  The reality we find ourselves faced with is flawed.  Flawed is not a train-smash.  It can be fixed.  We just have to be bothered to fix it.


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Change – Blog No. 39

changeSome of us are bred to embrace change.  Others are afraid.  Change is a remarkable leveller and it should be employed by all of us to prevent our getting complacent.  Complacency is not something to aspire to.  There is a point at which change becomes destructive, however, and so we need to know how to manage its happening.  Try not to make dramatic changes too often.  Rather go at the process slowly, taking time to adjust to whatever it is that is new to you before you take on another set of circumstances.  The same applies to your thinking.  In order to change your thinking – and this is advisable for 2013, the year of new beginnings – you need to go at it slowly.  Expect resistance from your old ideals and thought processes.  Getting your mind to tidy itself up is a challenging task, but one that is worth doing.  If you have help in the shape of a good listener who can assist you with the exorcism of bad memories, make use of their facility.  Open your heart for a moment to someone you can trust with its vulnerabilities.  Bad memories take up a lot of mind space.  They waste a lot of mind space.  Take them out and look at them, then decide how best to dispose of them.  You will never be rid of them entirely, but you can put them into storage once you have worked out their pain.  Do not be afraid to change your mind.  Never be afraid to change your mind.  If it is acceptable for women to be changeable, then it is acceptable for men to be changeable.  This is a world in which we work towards the ideal of equality, is it not?

Imagine changing from a backward-thinker to a forward-planner.  Stranger things have happened.  They say the future belongs to the dreamers.  They are not far wrong.  The dreamers each have a guarantee.  Their futures will happen as they imagine them.  It is the easiest concept to grasp.  Where you put your headspace is where you will find yourself.  You are what you think.  And since you are always becoming – you are always changing.  You cannot escape it.

Let life change you.  The safest way to go forwards (and forwards is a good way to be going) is to be adaptable.  When you can watch life unfolding in front of your eyes and negotiate its rapids as smoothly as you can manage its meanderings, then you know you are being adaptable.  Adaptable is flexible.  When you resist change you block your feng shui.  Any blockage in Nature is a problem.  You must not restrict your own flow.  Let life come to you and take its deliveries with grace, humility.  Then let them go.  Nothing is yours to hold on to.  Feel that you are a part of the flow and know then that you have surrendered to the way of things.  Surrender is good when it lessens stress.  It is not defeat.  Be sure that what you surrender to – if you are able to give yourself up – is worthy of your burdens.  I think Jesus is tired of carrying the load and besides, I do not see that piling your sins on the shoulders of a dead man is in any way helpful to you in the long run.  All the Jesus-believers need to give the guy a break and take accountability for themselves.  That will be hard at first, when you are used to delegating responsibility for your behaviour to God or Jesus.  I wonder what will happen when the bottom falls out of the church?  It will fall.  It is just a matter of time.  I wonder then whether the myriad believers will turn on their priests the way the Jews turned on Jesus?  I think there will be too many questions without answers.  That is the church’s problem now – they have a book of songs to explain life to their children.  How helpful is it in this day and age to be taught from the bible?  It is not helpful.  There are many more reliable sources to use when training the minds of our today-children.



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God Lost – Blog No. 13

reflections on Christ - crucifixionI suspect God was on his way back to earth to take human form when he got side-tracked and subsequently lost. I think he tapped into the Jesus saga and was so horrified at what his humans had done to his son that he quite lost the plot. I do not imagine when God and Jesus met again – after the ascension – that things in the God household were overly cheerful. Jesus must have had questions. Like – how could you do that to me? I think the trauma visited on his system by his crucifixion experience would have left scars. Big ones. God would be answerable for those scars. The other thing for Jesus, is that he knew that should life roll around in the good way of reincarnation, then he was in trouble. Who would want to come back as Jesus? I think he’s been running ever since, from his own identity. That means, in effect, he is here on the planet. In spirit, at least. Like a Highlander, maybe. There can be only one. We should find Jesus’ presence comforting. I think it is safe that a lot of people do. What worries me is that a great many people think he is actually coming back to save them. I think they expect clouds and trumpets and palm leaves and donkeys, on some level. I am not sure that was ever on Jesus’ agenda. Large scale saving after his event. I think his work was his word and he came and said what needed to be said. Then he died. His job was done. He went back to being a right-hand man. Or so the stories go. To me, Jesus was into teaching, guiding, showing a path in which he had faith. Faith being what faith was, in his time.

How can a God gain empathy unless he spends time touching other people, and being touched? That is how we learn empathy. Human contact. But how could God come back as a human? He couldn’t. He could come back as half a human. Undoubtedly he would have to hold a part of himself sacred and pure – so he could remember what he was like before the ‘life experience’ changed him – and that would be the half that would be waiting for him upon his return to himself. If Jesus’ spirit is on the planet, then God’s spirit is on the planet. I think the God spirit is lost, trying to find Jesus, whose spirit is still running scared. I would be scared if I had been Jesus. I think God is busy watching our daily horrors unfold before his eyes. He is watching the steady massacre of his planet in silence. I think he is astounded by what meets his eyes. Perhaps he is waiting patiently for us to wake up and see that what we have on the ground is what was promised above? The important thing to remember is that in the traditional sense, there is a hell below, a heaven above. That leaves a real space where we are, which is here and now. It’s about time we took the time in this now to bend our reality towards paradise.


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