The Animal Kingdom – Blog No. 25

The Animal KingdomThere is a vocation.  A calling.  It is called Investigator of Kingdoms.  It is all-encompassing.  When you are required to make an informed decision you need to gather all the information.  That means checking the ins and outs of every kingdom.  There are a great many, The Animal Kingdom but one.  Ask people who game.  In part they are all investigators of kingdoms, some of them extraordinarily adept at what they do.  Ask people who save animals for a living.  Theirs’ is a kingdom.  Ask people who have crowned money their king.  They belong to a kingdom, too.  There is even a point in asking a murdering savage why he does what he does.  He will say because he wants to.  What can you say to that in a free world?

The Animal Kingdom belongs to Nature.  That is the first – and easiest – thing to understand.  Man, too – belongs to Nature.  Woman, belongs to the Sun.  Notoriously possessive, the Sun is a formidable opponent.  His shield is virtually impossible to penetrate.  The Sun shields the Virgin.  That is the second thing to understand.  If you will reach her sanctity you must brave fire.  In the Animal Kingdom you will find carrion.  What else does the wild feed upon?  The stench of death does not deter them from feasting.  You will find bones, thrown here and there.  Everywhere.  Then you will find hyenas.  They shriek and eat bones.  Vultures abound, too.  They tidy up nicely.

The Animal Kingdom impacts a lot of pain.  Their pain – generated almost entirely by humans – is revisited upon the planet for the humans to experience.  The randomness with which sudden death appears to consume people, for instance, is no different to the randomness with which hunting humans seem to choose their targets.  Right.  You.  Bam.  Most hunting humans do not say sorry when they kill.  Nor do they say thank you.  They should.  It gives them headway when they become the hunted.




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2 responses to “The Animal Kingdom – Blog No. 25

  1. lpaulick

    Ohhh, you know, CJ, the Animal Kingdom and Nature make my head spin and give my soul the only life it has. I like this small piece, thanks.

    In fact, if you like, there’s a short post on my own blog called “Proficient Bone-Smashing.” About the Lammergeier Vulture, as you were speaking of carrion, bones, and vultures. And Nature. Not relevant to what you’ve written here perhaps, but you might like it anyway — even just for the picture of the bird.

    Take care.

  2. I bet Animal Kingdom for the Kentucky Derby in 2011, but she says it is not about gambling, not about horses, and not about drinking. It is about the hats. Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms is a book with six stories about a journey for education. When our principal who is a WW2 vet keeps me in school with an after school discipline, so pay attention, and I have a chance to use education to do something and make something, and this makes a difference. Read the stories and find why.

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