Happiness – Blog No. 45


What makes you happiest? When you know that, you know a lot. It is not a simple process, discovering what gives you the most pleasure in life. Sex, naturally, gives a lot of people a lot of pleasure in life, but despite plentiful evidence to the contrary, that is not the only measure of pleasure in 2014.

This planet should be a source of enormous pleasure for a great many, but it isn’t. Its mere actuality should fill billions of people with happiness, but it doesn’t. Whether that is because people no longer bother to stop and smell the roses, I don’t know, but I am sure that has a great deal to do with it. It is not only that money smells a lot sweeter to a lot of people than roses do, it is simply that too many people don’t understand – perhaps have never understood – that this planet upon which they live, this planet inundated with spectacular life forms and feats of Nature, this Earth of extraordinary diversity, this place of constant change and growth in motion, is what Eden was ever all about. The humans have had paradise from its inception and alarmingly, they still expect something other than this. Something better. They need to understand that that is not going to happen. Prototype Eden gets totally destroyed by man – and reality stipulates that there is no alternative.

There is always that saying about chasing happiness – that the chase is pointless.  That the search is in earnest.  It is a valid point of view, but there is also that saying about being sure that you are not trying to run before you can walk, about not trying to fly from a sitting down position, for instance. I would suggest that you try flying from lying down – even before you can walk – and then you can worry about running in another lifetime. There are many for whom that other lifetime is coming.

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  1. I learn from a young age to visit creation in nature when I go fishing, hunting, and camping with my dad and I see our creator in my dad’s eyes in nature. So what is wrong with this. Why must be someone I am not and go follow the beliefs of someone else like they own my by my soul and I must pay them money so they save me or they torture, torment, make me a social economic outcast, and send me to hell. Cease persecuting me in the name of Jesus and for god sake like they have the keys to heaven and hell in their pocketbooks.

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