Lies – Blog No. 44



We have all used them. We have all needed them, it would seem, to survive. This world is made that way. People have been lying to save their skins since time immemorial. I suppose if you lie to save your life you can always hope that it was worth it. Your life, that is.


It is said that people lie out loud, on average, four times every twenty-four hours. I doubt whether that includes the myriad lies people tell themselves all day long – those need counting as well. It would appear that a lot of people feel far safer behind a wall of lies than they do out in the wide open, where reality is happening. That is a pity. A wall of lies is hardly a stronghold. It can be knocked down with one – or two – simple truths. The truth, as simple as it is, is where the ultimate power lies. Everybody knows that.


Lies destroy. They build, yes – bullshit castles in the sky – but their real purpose is to destroy. That is unfortunate when you consider what lies are actually destroying. It is no good thing when the voice of reason we have been conditioned to hear does not speak to us honestly. Reason in itself has always been problem enough, but at least when it was decided that reason was going to ‘lead’ the way, the age-old deciders should have ensured that reason was truth. Unfortunately, lying for a living bent reason sideways and it has never straightened itself out.



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2 responses to “Lies – Blog No. 44

  1. This is good, C.J., in my opinion. I also just Love the quote.

  2. Fair Laws

    If a democratic nation should be had fair laws, the nation is peaceful more than the chaos because the government ought to respect its people.

    If a nation has been creating more bad laws, it ought to use the unfair laws let’s oppress its people, so this nation seems to be demagogic. The laws of nation should be educated its people than the punishment. However, if someone does not obey the laws, the one must heavily punish to following the current laws. When the police who ought to obey the laws, they are not abused the laws by their government protection let them murder the innocent and honest people because the police and people look like fish and water, they are not enemy.

    A modern nation of the laws is fair when nation should be deleting more unfairness in society. Moreover, the unfair laws of nation ought to make its people that who are stressed heart and mind by an unfair society and then its people should take place many struggles in order to seek justice, but when people can not seek any justice of a nation, they should risk one’s life because they are pushed into corner of walls without outlet.

    Because these men seem not control themselves when their wisdom which is narrow than the brainy men. Because they are disappointed all dreams by the unfair laws. For example, according to a poor family, the hope of it is its cute child, but the unfair laws are seized its hope and pushed it to a corner of walls without outlet when its happiness was broken by the unfair laws; and therefore, it is risked body in order struggle with the justice.

    If fair laws of a modern nation, the laws may delete so many crimes and chaos; and then, the society is peaceful more than not obeying laws. In fact, it carries on the fairness of laws, its police are represented government by the fair laws when the authorized laws of the police should be confronted with crime, the police can not shoot to any crimes if the criminals do not have weapons, which are not equivalent with the police, so the police are not authorized to shoot doubt case. Thus, the doubt crime is using a knife; so the police must use knife that is the same thing, but the police are not used any guns to shoot it. If the crime is used a gun, the police must have gun and fight with a crime. For example, it is same as the war laws when the enemy does not wear any labels and weapons, the opposition can not fight with enemy. In case, the police are doubt to opposition who has gun and the police shoot three times to point to heaven in order to warn it. If a doubt criminal does not drop down weapon, so the police must shoot in order to protection one’s self. However, the police will not authorize to shoot on the back of a doubt criminal, because it has cut and run, it could not be high risk to the police.

    The fair police are protecting nation and people without enemy of their people. According to a modern nation, the police will freely not shoot their people by their favor. If the police are esteem bodies and happiness in them, they ought to esteem their people than the police’s life. Because the police get salaries from their people taxes, the police can not turn back their guns to kill their people. When the duty and responsibility of the police must arrest crime or doubt criminal, the police must bring them to the court, so the death, the jail, the forgiveness are belonged of the court, so the police do not authorize to finalized life of crime or doubt criminal. The police are not had evil intentions with their innocent people because we are ruled by the justice, but not police ruled.

    Fair laws of a nation are happiness of everyone if unfair laws of a country are high risk of government and people. Because the duty and responsibility of government do not only bring happiness and peace to its people but also have equal judge courts system, the best of government ought first to protect the life of its people are peaceful, justice in all, but not discriminate races, not put any labels of the traps its people because the duty and responsibility of government workers must find out any dangerous oppositions, they must bring them to the courts. They are not lazy when they have been trapping for innocent people in order to accomplish a feat and receive the big salary.

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