Here we go again … Blog No. 1


So.  2015.  What kind of a year do we want?  What kind of a year do we need?  These are important considerations.  I suspect if it were possible for everyone to agree on one thing, it would be that we do not need a year of disasters.  That would be a good place to begin.  Disasters happen – not without warning, but without permission.  It depends on the proclivity of the disaster, for disaster.  Natural happenings are not synonymous with disaster.  Nature, is Nature.  That will never change.  It would be important to remember that vibrations and frequencies are not felt only by mankind.

It would perhaps be sensible to choose to think positively for the betterment of everything.  If you cannot figure out how to do that, and some people cannot, then begin to think of yourself as a prayer-flag.  Feel your thoughts.  Know they all have purpose.  When the winds of change come, what do wish for them to blow through you?  What do you wish to be left with?  These are some of the things you should be thinking about.  Like what does the ‘prayer’ of you – as written on your particular flag – say for you?  It will say your truth.  That need not be uncomfortable.

There will be ups and downs, as with each year that swings around.  That is normal, to be expected.  What we can hope for, are more ups than downs – in the traditional manner of speaking.  It is time for a few more smiles, given freely, and a lot more love.  Love is what takes us all home.  That is how we can know it is on its way.


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3 responses to “Here we go again … Blog No. 1

  1. Dear friendships of the Vietnam War:
    If you understand about the Vietnam War, you should together me petition to the United States Court in order to follow The United States constitution that should compensate the Imprisoned Benefits Insurances for the Vietnamese American prisoners of the Vietnam War to following with Title 50 Legal Information Institute Sec. 1541. Purpose and policy. 1542. Consultation; initial and regular consultations. 1543. Reporting requirement. 1544. Congressional action. 1545. Because this war was approved by the American congress to be the law, we base on this law to petition to the United States Court in order to recapture our benefits since the Kissinger has declared that he said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.”
    We ought to follow the United States Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United States veterans and the United States labor of laws. I, Bright Quang, have been researching the laws of the United States Constitution in order to petition to the United States Court because former President Bush’s son has said, ‘The South did not fight for their freedom which is why they did not have it today,” And therefore, we could not fight for the American justice, we could not have any benefits in the past since the United States Congress has the one hundred percents approved to the Vietnam War and High House has the eighty percent approved to the Vietnam War. Next, we did not have any healthcare benefits since we had serviced for the United States interests since we were young, we have serviced for the Vietnam War of the United States when we are older we did not have any benefits of the Vietnam War because the United States of America has left us on the battlefield, let our enemy revenge us and our American government was maltreated us again.
    In conclusion, as we know, we were lost for one quarter of our income works of the ten quarters’ works, we did not earn any benefits of retirement since the United States of America did not count any of our works in the past when our younger life has been serviced for the American government interests, in the end, and we are squeezed for the lemon juice, then thrown the skin. As we know that the United States has given us come here in order to nourish for the Vietnamese communists because the code of the United States of America interests, but not have any right interests of our Vietnamese officers. Ironically, when we were put in many concentration camps by the United States of America betraying us. We did not only break up our family, our children were unlearned children because the Vietnamese communists did not give any attention to the schools in order to study. Our properties were nationalized by the communist government and since, the Americans have freely been enrolling for many universities in order to open mind, but our children were unlearned. Moreover, the American people are freely making money and developing their civilization, so we were lost in all. Finally, we ought to fight for imprisoned benefits Insurance that we are oath loyalty to the United States Constitution without betrayed men of the American citizens.
    Bright Quang

  2. quangbright

    If you always live with men who are warlike, you’ll be become an barbarous man, said Bright Quang.
    The grass-tree aims to the sun, so human person must be moral truth, said Bright Quang.

  3. May this 2015 year be better than last year and the years thereafter better than the years before. Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms is a book about an incredible, narrow passage for education so this author has a chance to do something with his education when he writes those stories and publishes this book for you to read.

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