Baggage – Blog No. 9


During the course of my experiments with this and that, I have realised that the weight of the baggage we carry far exceeds its need, which is to perform the temporary service of anchoring us in the past. It is very important to anchor. Where exactly you anchor is not of consequence – no place is necessarily a bad place, one is just better than the other.

Baggage is therefore that which holds us back. It needs to be carefully measured and kept where necessary. It must also be parted with, where necessary. That is a fine line. It is not easy to find a perfect balance, but it is possible. It depends on how you do your measuring. It can be helpful to measure in suffering when you find yourself at a loss. When you can understand suffering, you can then get rid of it. Suffering is suffering. We all know how to spell that word.

There will inevitably be bits of residual baggage left, even when you take the time to sort through the shit and discard the wasted pain. That is what is not necessary to keep. There is not a day likely – on this planet – that pain will not be visited upon something, someone, somewhere. The best we can do is make the best of bad situation. The most effective method of doing that is by making the situation better. That is not hard. War might well be the Father of All, but it, too, has a sell-by date. There are other ways to assert yourselves, your might. And let’s face it – there are more than five mighty powers out there.

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  1. I know I evolve because I grow up in BC and that is before computers and before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and yet we are still dependent on fossil fuel and we are doomed by the dinosaurs to extinction unless we learn to evolve.

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