Blog No. 12 – Mermaid

mermaid_02Photo:  Helen Ree

Mermaids and dragons have a lot in common.

They both feed on moonbeams.

They digest their lot slowly, to get the best from it.

There is always time for that.


When a mermaid faces her nemesis he knows all about it.

In fact – he loses his head.

Poseidon might wield a trident, but mermaids carry Excalibur.

It is best not to forget that.


When you are cast in stone you will also know about it.

Then, to be free, you must get a good sculptor. That can be challenging.

Skilled sculptors sculpt the souls of their subjects.

That is why they are hard to find.


Eclipses scare neither dragons nor mermaids.

They are immune to superstition.

In the darkness they may starve, they may not.

It depends how bright the moon-shine.


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