Blog No. 13 – Hall of Mirrors


Photo:  Helen Ree – www.

The Hall of Mirrors – nee The Butterfly Seasons

Quivering wings unfurled; poised for flight
on a new season of capricious winds
sent to test those emerging fresh
from the safe embrace of the chrysalis.

Driven flitting, horizon to horizon,
kissing at the blossoms awash with the colours of love
collecting nectar, and memories,
with the wild delight of a child.

Time’s flight marked by increments of wonder
on a path mapped by pain, but paved with faith
in tomorrow’s power
to bring dying dreams alive and deliver miracles.

Spring storms shadow summer’s search for its golden promise,
Summer hunts autumnal, and
Autumn remembers summer to winter, briefly, on its way through.
Winter, alone, is left to fend for itself.
It holds autonomy over its numb reign, only.

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