Blog No. 18 – Displacement


I am quite certain that there are few situations more stressful than finding yourself displaced. The displacement of animals and humans has been happening for centuries. It is a powerful tactic in territorial wars. Once displaced, it is necessary to establish new reference points in order for there to be ongoing progress. Life on any level is pointless without progression.

There are too many displaced people on this planet. That means there is a lot of insecurity circulating. I suppose that is the point. When a people are insecure in their environs, it can manifest as dissent, or it can usher in a new kind of unity. It can also prevent a people from seeing – and perhaps protesting against – the bigger picture. I suppose that is the point.

When we see that displacement – as a weapon, or a lever, if you like – shows no signs of being dispensed with, we have to change the way we let it affect our being. We should stop associating ‘home’ with a particular place. Home is wherever your heart feels easy. ‘Easy’ does not mean without complications. ‘Easy’ in this context means peaceful. Light. Wherever you find yourself feeling peaceful is where you are meant to be. That is reason enough to feel easy, no matter where you end up.

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