Blog No. 19 – Users


What is sacred in The Land of the Free? Freedom. Therefore, one would expect that those to whom new-found freedom has been recently introduced would protect it with their lives? I think that that would be a fair estimation. Those who need – for whatever reason – to use others to meet their needs are not free. A person is only free when they can rely entirely on themselves. That means the free do not have trust issues, neither with themselves, nor others.

Users use because they do not have faith in themselves. Naturally your job done by another will not be done properly. That is a given. In my humble opinion delegation is over-rated. It makes more sense to address your particular problems personally. For instance, if you are useless and you use another’s capacity to pretend to the world that you are something you are not, you will find yourself at some point in a predicament from which you cannot free yourself. If you find yourself trapped in a self-made hell, it is better to simply acknowledge it, accept it, and then remedy it.

Users seldom realise that what they use in – or of – others without permission to do so causes a deficit in the energy that they would ordinarily need to see themselves from A to B. Should a person fall short of B, that can be considered a big problem. It is not for the usee to complain about having been ‘inhabited’ by the user, the usee was always responsible for their own safety. Where there is smoke, there is fire – and where there are perforations in the substance of one’s being, there is a clear-cut facility for manipulation. It is not wise to allow manipulators to manage your actions.

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