The Crux – Blog No. 22


The Crux of the matter refers usually to the heart of the matter, its core. The basis of anything. When you head to the crux of anything, you are very likely to find a positive outcome, i.e. a solution. That is because you choose to begin in the right place, which is at the beginning. It can be productive to start elsewhere – like half-way between the problem and the solution – but a solution does not usually present itself to those who use short-cuts.

The Crux is also the other name for The Southern Cross, visible with the naked eye on clear nights in southern skies. It has been guiding sailors – and natives – for just about ever. It is important that you have The actual Crux when you start your search, or when you look to the sky for guidance. There is another cross – The False Cross – in the universal soup. You do not want to be reading directions from that.

It would seem that although ‘crux’ stems from Latin, it has travelled, too, via the Scandinavians and other interpreters of the time. Therefore it has different meanings, depending on why it is used, and by whom. In a literal sense for Christians, a ‘crux’, or ‘cross’, is a stark reminder of where Jesus ended his days. To someone other than that, it is not. It is reminiscent of a kiss in the night sky.


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2 responses to “The Crux – Blog No. 22

  1. quangbright

    He has realized to Vietnam land, Vietnam has been up and down for more times when there has had three emperors, those invaded to Vietnam. For example, the Chinese emperors have been invaded to Vietnam one thousand years in the past, but this emperors could not maltreat to its paid soldiers. Next, the one hundred years the French emperor had been invaded to Vietnam when the French had signed peace agreement in Geneva in 1954, but the French emperor could not betray to its paid soldiers when the French was cut and run out of Vietnam. Finally, the American emperor has been invading to Vietnam nearby forty years when the Kissinger has signed a peace agreement in Paris in 1973, so is the Kissinger who did not only protect his Vietnamese American paid solders but also sold off his paid soldiers to the American enemy who is Vietnamese communist regime when the Kissinger has maltreated his Vietnamese American soldiers again. In fact, the Kissinger has sold off one excellent million soldiers of Republic of Vietnam to his enemy’s Vietnamese communists. All of the southern soldiers were died by the Kissinger policy because the Vietnamese communists had killed the four hundred thousands of the Southern soldiers and sent to many concentration camps in Vietnam. However, the American government did not compensate any pennies to Vietnamese-Americans paid soldiers since they were imprisoned or so-called is Imprisoned Benefit Insurance to follow the United States Constitution of War Power.
    Finally, we, the Vietnamese paid soldiers for three emperors that those were the Chinese emperors, the French emperor and the American emperor, but the Chinese and the French had never had maltreated to their paid soldiers, but the only have American emperor who had maltreated its paid soldiers and sold off its friendship to its enemy communism. The Kissinger who did not only violate to the United States Constitution but also maltreat its paid soldiers, and since, the American Congress, one hundred percentage, had approved for the War Power of the Vietnam War and then, High House of the United States congress, the eighty-eight percentage, had approved for the Vietnam War and hired the Vietnamese paid soldiers to follow with the United States law of labor. But the Kissinger had betrayed his oath loyalty to the United States Constitution, he and American Congress did not compensate any pennies to the Vietnamese Americans of Paid soldiers, so the prism of Bright Quang had evaluation to three emperors who were invaded to Vietnam in the past.
    First, the Chinese emperors are barbarous invader because they invaded Vietnam and destroyed Vietnamese people to have undeveloped people. Next, the French emperor who was barbarous less than the Chinese emperors, finally, the Kissinger who is barbarous more than the French and the Chinese emperors because both invaders could not maltreat to their paid soldiers the only have the American emperor did not only maltreated its paid soldiers but also sold off its paid soldiers to its enemy’s Vietnamese communists because the United States has never wanted the Vietnamese people who build democracy , freedom and justice, the Kissinger wanted Vietnamese people who lost in all let him live in the United States, he is enjoying the Vietnamese American paid soldiers who were revenged for many years in the communist jails and killed under hand of the Vietnamese Communists and he drinks whiskey, eats hotdogs and plays on the sufferings and unhappiness of the Vietnamese Americans of paid soldiers.

  2. I had to start somewhere and so I began with stories about my education and I wrote about my passage for education and how a WW2 vet who became a teacher, coach, and principal kept me in school with an after school lesson in book, Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms.

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