Love Letters

The Divine Comedy



It is a deep love that reaches out to us from our pasts.  A love, with understanding.

In the present we can forget to understand, caught up in our reactions.

We can overlook the truth of a matter.

Trust a Love learned:  time-tested and trialled by Life


let it guide your heart of hearts, home.

A heart is respected for the length of time it has been alive.

For what it has seen and felt on its journey.

Heart – as such – does not die.  It cannot.  It is the domain of the brave.

The longer you live, the more pain you are likely to witness.

You are likely, too, to experience intense joy.

When discussing Love with your elders, trust their understanding.

Believe in their insight.  They have it for a reason.

If you cannot discuss Love openly with those who know its nature, that is a pity.

They are the ones to thank, in fact, when all is said and done.

It is their flawless execution of Love’s plan that has changed our days.


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2 responses to “Love Letters

  1. I never have much success with love letters. Love has been lacking and from when I am young, I learn to protect myself from love.

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