Love Letters




Love’s essence, upon being earthed, grounds itself.

Once firmly rooted it spearheads hearts with its message.

It does this in a number of ways.

Love has no limitations when it is naturally anchored


when it chooses to spread its surface tendrils.

Love’s reach is not bound by human rules.

A proper conductor is necessary to earth Love’s essential charge.

Without one, its energy dissipates quickly and is wasted.

A few volts of Love’s power, when correctly channelled,

can work wonders above the ground


below the earth’s surface.

This synchronicity is not a coincidence.

When your bare feet walk the ground under Love’s touchdown

you will sense the message being sent.

When your head registers the identical message, there will be equilibrium.

Love travels best in waves, frequencies


it makes its statement through people.

Where is the Love?  It is here, on earth.  And that is where it should be.

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