Timbuktu – Blog No. 28


As a child, when I discovered that Timbuktu was a real place – that it actually existed – I was delighted.  For me, that put paid to the fallacy of urban myths and legends.  I grew inclined to listen to them all because in part each one tells a truth.  There is always comfort in the truth, no matter what the cost.  The truth IS what brings inner peace – eventually.  Before peace comes the inevitable facing of facts and figures, the empirical equation-solving.  If you are an empiricist, yippee for you.  I, fortunately, am not one of those.  My truths come hard, and fast, and I assimilate them quickly.  You can do that when you trust yourself implicitly.

If you should find yourself in a predicament, not knowing which way to head except Timbuktu, it is helpful to remember that Timbuktu is absolutely the arse end of nowhere.  It may take the longest time to get there but when you do, you will understand why it takes such a long time to arrive.  Timbuktu is home to a great many wayward pilgrims.  It is the resting place of the brave.  And ‘resting’ in my world is not synonymous with ‘dead’.  It means repose.  Reflection.  Ultimately, contentment.

I think the houses in Timbuktu are probably invisible.  Like its people.  That is why Timbuktu became an urban legend – because no one ever got there before, or saw it.  It decided it would one day become real, like a town on a map.

And that – is actualisation.


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3 responses to “Timbuktu – Blog No. 28

  1. “You are going to tell me where you are born or you are going to prison and you will never get out,” says the Cop. What is the charge? I ask him. “Just tell us where you are born?” the cop asks. I confess. I confess. “What do you confess,” asks the cop with a pad of paper and pen ready to write notes. I confess I was not born in a hospital. “You are not born in a hospital. Where are you born?” the cops asks. I was born in Timbuktu, so FU. And the cops unhand-cuffs me and he shoves me into the garage where he punches me in the face five or six times, so I swung back at him, and then someone grabbed me from behind and held me up and cop punched me with lefts and rights. But, I am not guilty because he is punching me and they do not have cause for arrest.

    • quangbright

      The reality of Islands in East Sea was belongs to ancestry Vietnam, but the United States of United States does not only play war game but also use the Vietnamese people and Vietnam land in order to sell its modern weapons to many Asian countries because before April 30, 1975, the China was invaded to these islands; in the meanwhile, the United States of America has solemnly promised for protecting Republic of Vietnam, but the United States of American has torn a peace agreement in Paris in 1973 when the Kissinger has been welcoming for China in order to share interests of both sides are China and America. our civilization society has no see any Super emperors that have been built the wars but not need any triumphs to look like America. As we understand about the Vietnam War, the United States of America has betrayed its alliance of Republic of Vietnam since it did not only betray 58, 800 of fallen heroes of America but also trap one talent million of the Southern soldiers again. Especially, almost of the Southern were died , wounded, and imprisoned by the American hands – off policy, but it did not compensate any pennies of imprisoned benefit insurance to the Vietnamese-American- soldiers of the Vietnam War because after April 30, 1975 the Kissinger has declared and said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.” This betrayal event was belongs to the United States Constitution of the Vietnam War because the American Congress has approved this War Power and to be Constitution. As a result, the event of China artificial of Vietnam Island in East Sea is playing game of the United States of America. In theory of this event, if Vietnamese communist government should follow with the United States of America, Vietnam will re-earn these Islands; the special gift of the United States of America will offer to China which is Taiwan Island to however, the China should change communist regime to the neutral liberty. But not only have and many countries and China in the world should rethink about to the Kissinger has declared; he said, ‘America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.’ Please patiently wait to see this special event of the East Sea when the United States of America will leave Middle – East, lets it return to Asia.
      Respectfully Yours

  2. Revolution for Performing Justice

    To follow natural law of heaven and earth, we, all of the American people, are the honest, innocence and patriotic loyalty. We’d like to ask for our American leaders that you should perform justice for the United States Constitution perfectly in order to keep our America’s face, honor and reality to carry on our oath loyalty with American Flag and Constitution to be revolutionary realism because we do wish for our nation her is one super emperor forever to leading the whole world. There should have peace forever without have any barbarous wars. That reasons, we would like to call up you who should be expressed your duty and responsibility in one’s self. For example, we are the American people; during, we couldn’t have authority to interfere into your rules. But, we are American citizens when we have been voted you are to be American leaders. Lets we perform our dreams in order to build our nation to be reality and to appropriate with our oath loyalty under American Flag and Constitution, we’ve never voted you could become to the lies of America leaders of us coming to demagogic leaders , and either or , you’ve holding your oath loyalty. In fact, following with nature law of Heaven and earth, we’re seen a tree by our clear prism, we have commented for this tree in which it will be faded the fresh green by its performance by it is released its dead signals because this big tree has more dead branches when its trunk of tree has more tunnels by the bad worms. If we will not take good care this tree, we should not delete the bad worms out of trunk of tree, so this tree will be death completely. But, we do wish to enjoy too many wonderful flowers of this tree when we are following with rules of the botanists. Next, we are living in twenty-first century when our American scientists have been discovered to Mars; the theory of evolution is of our human beings provided by our reality. Then, we are following up with our sciences if we can’t follow with it we will get back ward or behind the time. Finally, we should fight for performance justice in order to make revolution justice effectively; accordingly, we must struggle with our American leaders who should perform justice within United States Constitution. Because our United States Constitution was to be surveying compass in all of American people; no one has left out of it. If he or she is discovered a new way by his or her ideology, his goal must be approved by American people; and then, he or she must follow with this goal without betray it as betrayed by one’s self.
    First, the natural law appears ahead of the American eyes because the American people have their wise eyes that we do realize what the good is and where the bad is, so these images are reflected by our brain through the clear eyes. When we have comprehended to the wrongness and the rightness, we described about the wrong of our American leaders because we have based on our first tenth Amendments. For example, our United States Constitution has declared and forcing to all of American people who must perform Constitutional effectively, but, the United States Department of Justice and Supreme Court of the United States have never punished for any American leaders who violate to our United States Constitution, the Supreme Court of the United States of America and the United States Department of Justice do not only punish to the weak and the poor of Americans but also judge for death without apology to American Congress as like some of highest of American leaders. As a result, former President Bush’s son who could not hold on his oath loyalty with our Constitution in view of the fact that President Bush’s son was lies in the Iraq War. Not only spending a lot of the American taxes, he has destroyed all of our American faces, honors and expectation again. Obviously, only limitless ambitions of his private life of Bush family have destroyed all of the American justice, morality and countenance. So during, the Vietnam War has taken place, the Bush’s son who worried about the death when he did not dare join to mobilize military. But, when he has become to the throne, his abused authorities has pushed for almost of the youths of Americans who have been joined to the Iraq War. He has never thought about to his happiness is as important as looked like the youths of American soldiers. In fact, he has given an order to many of illegal immigrants that who must join to military within some years of fighting for battlefields in limits; after that, the Bush’s son should give an American citizen for their paid soldiers. Because of unfortunately, for these illegal soldiers were died or injure of wounded soldiers by the battlefields, so their families could not have adequate benefits which are why their relatives are not Native Americans, they will not get adequate of veterans American benefits. With provides, almost of Vietnamese American soldiers of the Vietnam War were approved our United States Constitution by through American Congress, but they did not compensate any pennies – how would we think of our Constitution? Because our Constitutional is great perfectly, but our American leaders have never performed it when they’ve been discriminated races. Next, our Former CIA Director David Petraeus who has sat on Our United States Constitution, but he has escaped jail for giving secret news to his mistress who named is Paula Broadwell because he would apology with the American Congress since a weak or a poor of American citizen have done to look like the David Petraeus. So this man was sentenced death or a long jail by the American Courts without apologies to American Congress. Finally, Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger does not only be well-known because he was excellent for American Attorney since the Kissinger has graduated form the famous school Law of our United States of America, he is freely sitting on our United States Constitution, as a result, before coming the throne of Secretary of State of the united States of America, he has more time been taken an oath loyalty with our American Flag and Constitution. However, he is freely torn his International Agreement in the Vietnam War by his rights for signature. When he has been wishing for more wars taking place in the world, he has never needed the triumph because his favorites are playing war game during never thought of American honor, justice and national countenance. In the meanwhile, searching for American history is through few of lives of Secretary of State form a first term of President Washington to the term 37th of President Richard Nixon of Secretary of State could seem to have Henry Kissinger who has said — ‘America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests’, which is of the Kissinger quotes fought for anti- American values because American Constitution has performances “In God We Trust.” However, the Kissinger is seemed Plagiarism by John Foster Dulles (February 25, 1888 – May 24, 1959) who was Secretary of State of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, since the Dulles said, “The U.S. has no friends, only interests.” So his quotes has been destroying for all of American Justice, honor and national face because the Kissinger had never considered to national countenance of our United States of America above his private life. For the reason that, a super emperor must combine its America’s interests and America’s Justice are equal in order to win all of the hearts of others nations because of a viewpoint of a super emperor wishes to lead the whole world that must clearly express a faithful heart for its foreign friends’ but not unbelievably build to its good neighbors; it should contain its morality, human rights and the justice without have arrogant. As we have been understood for many emperors in the past; those were overthrown by their arrogant standpoints to look like the Kissinger.
    Second, our United States of America is following with doctrine of realism because our American money is put above others values and therefore, we must point out of the mistakes of our American leaders without fear reprisal because of we are patriotic citizens. Our duty and responsibility must be securely protected for our great Constitution – in the trust, because the bones and blood of our fallen heroes have hardly been constructive way to be a new world, so we, our American children and grandchildren, must surely be protected this land results forever without discriminate races and skin – colors. Moreover, the reality of the justice officer of Private Justice Branch is arrogant when they are sitting on our United States Constitution; since, one percentage of the rich Americans and the highest of American ranks, they are surely protected by our private Justice branch of the United States of America. In the true, Department of Justice is only protection to its American government than its American people without have all men are created equal, but, before the terms of American President is of President Franklin D. Roosevelt; the quote of ‘All Men are created equal’ to be reality for those of American Presidents are equilibrium, respected by between American money and American values morality in utilitarianism than this is current time of an overconfident of the United States of America. For example, the unfairness of the U.S Private Justice branch performing for the United States Constitution has no equality. Because our United States Constitution is of valued more than any constitutions of the worldwide, it has been carrying out for others sides – so-called has been performing for the American leaders than its American citizens, but, it does effectively no protect to the weak and the poor of American citizens. In the meanwhile, the low of American workers, it salary, at least, earns $10.00 per hour; during, the salary of attorney is, eat least, earned $300.00 per hour by her or his client — the cost of court-price of one case is $10,000.00, in the meantime of the low of salary of American workers is of on the average earned by $1,600.00 per month which is why an American work is not shared a little of the American Justice, since the American company is strongly exploited labor by the low – levels of the American society. Otherwise, an unequal case of this low – level was denied by the low courts of the state, it was unable to appeal to Supreme Court of the United States of America because the rules of the appeal form is to have the forty-eight rules in order to prohibit sharing any justice of the United States Constitution. Obviously, this level is unable to touch to the American Justice. in case, the American leaders have freely been sitting on the United States Constitution for the long run, but the Supreme Court of the United States of America seems not punish to them or the United States Department of Justice has never considered to their illegal. In contrast, a foreign man living outside of the United States of America, was murdered by an American citizen, or An American citizen is violated abused a girl sex of minority out of the United States; so the United States Department of Justice is available prosecuted him by the American laws. Thus, some of American leaders have assassinated to a foreign leader; then, our Supreme Court of the United States and Department of Justice were silent in all. Flagrantly, Our President Kennedy has an ordered to his Central Intelligence Agency that it has assassinated to President Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963 when President Kennedy and President Diem have each own sovereignty, but they are together eating a Holy Cake, together drinking holy Water and commonly adoring for one God. However, Department of Justice of the United States of America did not prosecute to this violating constitution of the United States of America in this case.
    Finally, we, the American citizens, should make struggle for world-shattering of our legal revolution performance, because of not only American people struggle for legal revolution, but also human beings should fight for it ‒ for the reason that, we, the human beings, are together respectfully to happiness, source of life and sorrow of us which are why we ought to uprising for these reasons without needing violence? According to worldly revolutions, those were not using violent when they have won triumph from the injustice hands of the tyrant powers; yet those used violence, they were completely died by their constitutions; therefore, our revolution of performance justice, we should be based on our constitution without wear out off target. First of all, our happiness is very important more than everything in our life, because of the happiness looks like a mainstream, which runs from many small- streams to the mainstream largest sea. If our happiness could not exist within our life, our life looks like water well in which without water, or as the same a death tree. It wills never emotion with the wind, the sun and the air to be nothing in all. Ironically, when our American leaders are selfish, they do not only protect individually happiness themselves but also have pleasure than their American people if they do think of their happiness in which looks like other Americans, they’ll not sit on the United States Constitution. For example, former President Bush’s son, he happily hugs his grandchild when he is smiling, but he has never thought of his soldiers who were fighting for the Iraq War, his soldiers were lost happiness by his invaded war ‒ many families of those American soldiers were broken or separated far. Another, the Kissinger has ever thought of Southern soldiers of former Republic of Vietnam since Kissinger has betrayed them. During the Vietnam War was taking place, the Southern soldiers did not only protect too many American armies fighting in Vietnam battlefields but also bring back American interests. In the end, not only having few of American leaders and the Kissinger, they did not keep their oath loyalties previous with the United States Constitution because those have destroyed happiness of the Southern soldiers and Southern Vietnamese People ‒ since they have flagrantly torn his International Agreement peace in 1973 in Paris since the Vietnam War has been approved by American Congress and High House to be Constitutional of the United States of America. However, our Supreme Court and Department of Justice have seeming not performance in their duty and responsibility. They have been changing our source of life of the American people. Second, source of life of us is as important as life of the American leaders because source of life is not mixing up, so the values of our democrat, freedom and justice have become quality. During, Supreme Court and Department of Justice always oppress to the weak and the poor of the American people, but they have never observed to the American leaders who have sat on our constitution. In fact, form 1953 to today, few of the American leaders have repeating their quotes “the United States of America does not have permanent friends; it has interests.” Their sayings are reflected by All Men are created equal or In God We Trust of our American leaders well-knowing of ancestries have left them to us in which are symbolized by the American conduct. But today these qualities have become undervalued again, they are belatedly of American leaders not respectful to theory of humanism because they are running for their money and individual ambitions than others human rights ‒ but, reality of them praises for human rights, their purpose should hide their misconduct. For that reason has been born for more discrimination, they do think of immigrants of others races who are not Native American when they could not give them share a little of American justice. As a result, the American police perform for the United States Constitution, so their duty and responsibility must arrest crime, protect evidences and witness and send them to the America Court, but they, in case flagrantly, have killed crime who is unarmed when our country is peaceful time without have war. With foreign policy of the United States is lacked persuasively by its threatening policy than the American sympathy policy, and therefore, according to American super can’t win all of the hearts of the foreign leaders, because of, the arrogant of the United States of America is unfaithfully has. In turn, the flagrant unfaithfulness policy of the United States of America is the Vietnam War. Significantly, after World War Two having done, our United States of America has been attending for many wars in the whole world, it falls in love with the wars, but not need to win any wars, because the ambitions of our American leaders is drunken by their war game than their peaceful world. As we understand about the Vietnam War, we have been seen for the change white to black of the United States of America policy because that’s why, the United States has fallen in love with war in order to test the human body with modern of American weapons, but it did not need any triumphs which. The changeable inconstant of America policy is expressed by its traitorous heart.
    Third, sorrow of the American people and human beings is not shared by the American leaders because the life of the American leaders is only enjoyment of their war game than the pity or the peace. When the American leaders have been releasing out of sorrows for the American people and human beings in the world, they are happily playful for few of wars game in order to show up their super emperor, but they’ve never thought of sorrow, which has completely destroyed all of others dreams. Because of the American leaders were born in a peaceful – luxurious country, they are happy more than others mournful people, and during, the life of American leaders has never felt unhappy of the poor worldly. Their source of happiness is amused by the barbarous wars than peaceful world. They’ve been putting sorrowfulness to on the head for others people races in order to play with the war game. If the American leaders have thought about to others sorrows, which look like their own lives, they’ll not play any wars game. For example, 11th September, 2001, the terrorism was attacking on the United States of America; it has murdered the two thousands and nine hundred ninety-six American citizens, destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center and many things were broken by the terrorists, so it was built up endless sorrow to many innocent American families; the American leaders have never compared this mournful event with their barbarous wars of the United States of America are spread in the world. Significantly, the Vietnam War is of many awful events of war power of the United States of America in the whole world, it’s through few of terms of American Presidents; they have solemnly been promised helping for the South Vietnam lets them fight for against to communism. During many terms of America Congress are approved to this war and to be United States Constitution, or either – or, which is to be the American law. In fact, the emotions of not only have the American people who are mournful – pitiful to so much of innocent cases of Vietnamese people when they were unreasonably died by the War power of the United States of America. We self ask a question to what didn’t the reason of the United States of America not want any triumphs of the Vietnam War during it has been spread so much sorrow to the innocent Vietnamese people? Either, the Vietnam War was approved by the American Congress to be become the United States Constitution already, since the American government has hired so much of youths of Southern who were paid soldiers and received salary by the American government, but the United States of America did not only leave sorrow but also build so much injury, wounded soldier and prisoner during the war taken place and after April 30, 1975. In contrast, not only having American Congress and American government, they did not pay compensation for those who serviced for their War Power? In the meanwhile, Department of Justice of the United States has been received the laws of the Vietnam War from American Legislative and the orders issued from American Executive organ ‒ according to these organs do not perform any American laws after their betrayal war of the Vietnam War. Then, the American leaders did not understand about to others happiness, source of life and sorrow which were lost by the American injustice when they’ve been protected for their own.
    In conclusion, as we, the American people, understand about to construct our American government through three branches that are equal to each other, but the branch of Private Law of our United States of America has never performed perfectness by its duty and responsibility which is why our patriotic American people making a revolution for performance justice. Because our American justice is symbolized a sublime scales which is why it is performed equality by its super justice – however, its duty and responsibility has worth never performed effectiveness good by its qualities self determination. When living in the twenty-first century American, we do realize to our control the worldwide without used threatened because this method cannot lead the whole world for the long run, we have understood about few of super emperors in the past when they’ve ruled many weak countries in short time. So they were completely thrown them by the revolutions of their enemies. Thus, we, sublime civilization American people, are symbolized for the whole world by our super values of our democracy, our freedom and our justice, Consequently, we are very proud of these greatest of glories, but we could not abuse others people when they were weak and poor human beings lets us play many games of the dreadful wars which are why we’re seem treating unfairness with the natural law of heaven and earth when we unfairly played war games. Significantly, our human rights cannot persuade to all of the hearts of the human beings that is why we have more enemies than others super emperors; during, these emperors are barbarous more than us. When we’ve ever communicated our civilization and high technology to some of backward countries, we always persuade provoking them fall in love with injustice wars. We do not give them construct democracy, freedom and justice to look like us when we are highly praising our human rights in which is to be demagogy products. So, we are instead conquered all of the hearts of the backward people by our donations high technologies or our modern agriculture than our persuasive wars in order to be chaotic world. For few reasons above, we, the American people, should campaign all of the hearts of whole levels of American citizens that we ought to make revolution for performance justice with few of our viewpoints that it could give the powerful to Private Justice of the United States of America to be effectiveness than now; by the means that our chair of Supreme Court of the United States will be voted by all of American citizens to look like we vote for an American President and American Congress because this current of our chair Supreme Court was appointed by our president and approval through our American Congress; as a result, the chair of supreme court could not have strongly jurisdiction because Supreme Court of the United States of America was appointed by American President and approval through our American Congress; in the meanwhile, our Supreme Court is corresponds with legislative organ and executive organ. However, we have never seen our private justice organ that could judge for our American president or American leaders since who have sat on our Constitution which is why a chair supreme court will not dare judge for American President or leaders. Because a chair supreme court was nominated by its American President to like a father who appointed his son to be supreme court; and then, the son will not dare punish his father ‒ even though, his father has violated to constitution. For example, Chief Justice of the United States of America who is John Roberts. He was nominated Chief Justice forever when former President Bush’s son was petitioning for his election case; then, Chief Justice has quickly approved his case because John Robert was a Republican membership and President Bush’s is too. However, Vice President Al Gore has petition his election case during the American ballots were seemed in mistake, but Chief Justice has refused his case and said, ” You should wait for six months.” Because Vice Al Gore was democrats membership, he’d not appoint for John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the United States of America. In fact, Vice President Al Gore was denied a case by Chief Justice, if few of common American citizens have petition to Chief Justice, they could wait for the long run or their appeals do need with the forty-eight rules of the United States of America in order to limit the American Justice because Department of Justice of the United States of America does not want its people ask for touching to United States Constitution. Thus, it is available punishing its people quickly when it does no need any laws. Significantly, if we, American people, vote for choosing our Chief Justice when we will not consider to our Chief Justice who is to be democrat membership or Republican membership or so-called we cannot regard to any right wing or left wing parties, but we do effectively need perform our American Justice as we understand about to perform justice, ‘which is peaceful, but anti- justice as demagogy’ which is why we do need a revolution for perform justice.

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