Love Letters




There are a few points of reference in every life.

Each one is vital.

Points segue, or they should.  Smoothly.

Like a slipstream follows the path of least resistance.

Step only into the slipstream with which you are familiar.

Stay behind the guide that you trust.

Romeo and Juliet fired the family Ides ago.

They left them with the gladiators and took a sabbatical.

It was called individuation, in parts.

In others, it was called Love.

Luckily the gladiators were into training.

They taught the family some values.

Frankenstein’s monster killed Frankenstein’s bride.  Why?

Because he begged the question.

I believe he got the right answer.

Ultimately, his bride did too.

Frankenstein met his death with a gasp of surprise.

I am not quite sure why.

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