Love Letters




Once upon a very long time ago, there popped up a beautiful concept.

How – on this earth – to out-love one another?

It was an inspired idea.  It was worth pursuing.

So I chased it up awhile.

Out-loving anything begins at home.  Like charity.

And accountability.

When I count to 9 I see 3.  Of 3.  I’m pleased.  I should.

it’s like 20/20 vision but better.  Or, a thrice of triangles.

I would in that context say it was 49/51, to me.

That translates, now, into 102%.


The 2% that makes a difference, is invisible.

I do believe that I know I could sustain myself in this way until ever.  And a day.

I am good to myself like that.

Yes.  Love is Epic.  Operatic.  A little bit spastic.

And call Love a retard.  On a level, it is.

In fact, call it whatever the fuck you like.

Love – IS Love – is love.

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