Love Letters




Stone for the Mind, Blood Stone (uncommon), Blood Ore.

When it is said that finding the truth can be like trying to get blood from a stone, it is true.

The truth does not come easy.  Ever.

When it comes, you know it is a sign of respect.  Deep respect, aeons old.

It means you are ready to hear it.

The truth does not turn up for a dress-rehearsal.

The wonder of Love and truth and Trust and Hope is no miracle.

It is a constant.  It cannot, therefore, get lost.

Like it cannot be delusional.  Wonder is independent of illusion.

And of Love.

That is by far its greatest strength.

( … and as for weaknesses, don’t underestimate them. They point out your strengths.)


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2 responses to “Love Letters

  1. quangbright

    Our United States Constitution is distracted the oath loyalty by traitors, said Bright Quang.

  2. When cops fabricate false charges, false testimonies, and false reports and the judge continues with the arraignment you know they conspire against you like they do to bring the dirty crisscross of christains in Europe.

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