Scapegoats – Blog No. 33


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16 Nov 2015 · 11:59

One response to “Scapegoats – Blog No. 33

  1. quangbright

    Dear Sir,
    Our Human rights is bankrupted by our inhumanity. As we have known that our American President who is the Bush’s son has been built worldly chaos for many years, we are now playing refugee game of hands – off policy. So our human Rights is stepping down. As a result, our American leaders have been built worldly chaos because we have understood about to much of innocent people who are lived in fear by the bombs when the more honest and innocent people are without crime and not have ambition politics, he said,
    “War looks like a hole.
    It buries many people.
    All of them lack paddies,
    yet, the bombs crumble their bodies.”

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